Licensed Insolvency Trustees are Non-judgemental: As Licensed Insolvency Trustees (LITs) we see people who are wracked by guilt because of their debt. They are often ashamed of having to use our services and having to reveal their financial situation. We have had people tell us that they have struggled for many months and even years because they did not want to face the trustee.

You can put your mind at ease when dealing with an LIT. We have seen thousands of people with severe debt problems. Our job is to help those people recover their financial health.  We never pass judgement! Trustees are keenly aware of the position of trust we have.   We are dedicated to helping the people who consult with us get a solution to their debts so they can live a debt free life.

We have never has a person tell us that they regretted coming to see us.  On the contrary, we hear over and over again that they wished they had come to see us a long time ago.

Why our Licensed Insolvency Trustees do not pass judgment

  1. Licensed Insolvency Trustees are Non-judgemental: Debt Can Have Many Causes

Our practice as Licensed Insolvency Trustees has taught us that the reasons for debt are numerous and unique to every person.

Debt is caused by multiple factors, such as: illness, divorce, major unforeseen incidents, and job loss. Asking for help should not be seen as a source of shame, but rather an important step towards resolving your debt. What matters is that you know when to ask for help.

  1. Licensed Insolvency Trustees are Non-judgemental:  We Help Thousands of People From All Walks of Life Every Year

Every year, we help thousands of Canadians escape from debt. People from all walks of life and all social classes visit our offices. Finding solutions to their debt situation is the challenge of our profession. Knowing that this can happen to anyone, and at any time, means that we feel empathy towards the people who consult us.

  1. Every Person’s Problem Is Unique

Some people have more resources available to survive the challenges of debt problems than others. Job stability, the region where they live, or the financial situation of their region are all factors on a person’s ability to escape debt.
4. Licensed Insolvency Trustees are Non-judgemental:We Love Our Job, And Get Great Satisfaction Out of Helping Indebted People
Being a Licensed Insolvency Trustee is more than just a job; it’s being in a position of trust.   We want to help people.    Every day, we help people escape debt and relieve them of financial stress.

One of our most important jobs is to simply listen and once we really understand the person’s underlying problem to offer sound advice. People are appreciative of this attitude. As a result, of this and our empathetic approach, we often receive heart felt testimonies that remind us that we are making a difference.

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