Debt Help & Credit Counselling in Brampton, Ontario

Brampton, Ontario Debt Help & Credit Counselling Services

When you face debt you can pay off, it’s easy to fall into a vicious circle that dramatically affects your finances.

Debt, however, can be reversed and paid off with the right debt help & credit counselling in Brampton, Ontario.

Our trustees in Brampton can help residents rebuild their financial future and achieve debt freedom.

Indeed, we believe that most debt situations can be resolved with a dedicated and tailored debt relief plan that meets your criteria and your financial abilities.

Finding the best solution for your situation needs to consider:

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  • How much you can afford to pay off.
  • How you can afford to pay.
  • How to cancel your debt and provide a fresh slate.


Step 1 towards debt freedom in Brampton: Understand your budget

We appreciate that making a budget can be an alien skill for a lot of households.

However, your budget can help you visualize your financial situation and establish your goals and priorities.

The first reason why you need to start working on a budget is to identify whether you can manage your financial situation by yourself.

Reorganizing your budget to cut down expenses could, for instance, enable you to pay off your debts faster.

Additionally, your budget will also help you decide what you can and can’t afford to pay.

You can afford to pay off the debt in full

Consolidation allows many debtors to pay off their creditors.

Your trustee can recommend debt consolidation plans if your finances enable you to make payments on time.

However, consolidation plans also make the debt more manageable by reducing interactions with creditors and cutting down your interest rates.

Credit counselling is the most popular debt help for individuals who wish to pay the debt in full in Brampton.

Credit counsellors work with your creditors to devise a repayment plan over an agreed period.

Typically, credit counselling debt management plans waive your interest rates.

They also appear in your credit report for several years after their completion.

Debt management loans may seem like an obvious solution; however, not everyone can apply for a loan.

Banks and financial institutions prefer applicants to have a good credit score and assets that can be used as collaterals.

With a loan, you can pay your creditors at once, and you will repay the loan over the agreed term.

You can’t afford to pay the debt in full

Your trustee can recommend reaching out to your creditors to negotiate a debt settlement plan.

You can convince creditors to reduce your debt and agree to new payment terms.

It isn’t easy to negotiate with all creditors.

However, you will find that many are willing to accept debt settlement if they are satisfied it is the most profitable repayment option for them.

Alternatively, the trustee can deliver legally-binding debt relief plans that guarantee debt forgiveness even though creditors can’t recoup their losses.

The consumer proposal is a plan that offers significant debt reduction of up to 80% and interest waiving to enable you to pay off a portion of your debts.

After the completion of the proposal, the debt is forgiven in its totality.

Alternatively, you can also file for personal bankruptcy if you owe more than $1,000 in debts, are unable to make payments on time, and don’t have any assets.

With personal bankruptcy, you only pay for the cost of bankruptcy, $1,800, to obtain debt forgiveness.

Take the first step towards debt freedom with a free consultation with a trustee to get debt help & credit counselling in Brampton, ON.

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