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Guelph, Ontario Debt Help & Credit Counselling Services

We appreciate that debts can feel overwhelming for a lot of people.

However, trustees believe that with the right debt help & credit counselling in Guelph, Ontario, you could regain your financial stability.

Debt freedom can be achieved in a variety of ways.

Figuring out the best approach for your situation begins with evaluating your budget.

For the residents of Guelph, we have produced this helpful guide to help you towards debt freedom and financial future.

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What can you afford to pay: Get to know your budget

Assessing your financial situation is a tricky process if you are not familiar with budgeting tips and financial guidelines.

We recommend reaching out to a debt advisor if you are unsure how to proceed with setting a realistic and manageable budget.

Your budget should identify your income and outgoings as well as classify expenses.

Spending that is essential, such as living costs or debt repayment, should go out in priority.

However, impulse or pleasure expenses can be reduced or halted until you’ve got your finances under control.

Your new budget calibrations may enable you to pay off your debts as you repurpose the savings made by cutting unnecessary costs.

But, even if you can’t pay off your debts just now, the exercise reveals your starting point for debt relief plans in Guelph.

Consolidate your debt in Guelph

Your debt advisor can recommend debt consolidation strategies if your budget only needs a little assistance to pay off the debts.

Debt consolidation combines all payments into one, alongside reduced interest rates.

While most individuals know of the debt consolidation loan, only a small percentage of our clients are eligible for a loan.

You need to have a good credit rating and sufficient collateral for your loan application to go through.

However, if the event when you are turned down, there are other consolidation options.

Credit counselling is a popular solution we recommend to debtors who want to pay off their debt in full but can’t apply for a loan.

Credit counselling companies are designed to negotiate a reduced interest rate – down to 0% – with your creditors.

Debt management plans arranged by credit counsellors appear in your credit report, but they also help recover from debts.

When paying your debt in full isn’t an option

The consumer proposal is a debt relief program administered by a licensed insolvency trustee, who is regulated by federal institutions.

As such, the consumer proposal is a legally-binding alternative that enables debtors to pay off their debts to the amount they are able to afford.

Your Guelph-based trustee will reach out to creditors to negotiate a debt reduction of up to 80%.

At the end of the consumer proposal, your debt is forgiven in full, even though it has only been repaid partially.

If you have a good relationship with your creditors and valuable arguments, your trustee can recommend negotiating a debt settlement plan, which can let you pay off a portion of your debt.

Not all creditors are willing to negotiate a settlement plan with an individual.

However, most know that debt settlement programs can recoup a significant amount of their losses.

Indeed, if you are considering personal bankruptcy with a trustee, you can warn creditors that the debt settlement strategy is the best option for them.

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