Debt Help & Credit Counselling in St. Catharines, Ontario

St. Catharines, Ontario Debt Help Services

If you’re in debt and are struggling to pay it off in St Catharines, Ontario then Bankruptcy Canada is your first port of call.

We’ve partnered with Licensed Insolvency Trustees in St Catharines to help you get debt relief as soon as possible.

After arranging an initial consultation, they can meet with you and discuss the debt relief solution that’s suitable for your financial situation.

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Typically, the solutions that are suggested include: a consumer proposal, filing for bankruptcy or creating a debt management program.

No matter which solution is chosen, your unsecured debts will be eliminated.

Credit Counselling Services in St Catharines, Ontario

As a way of managing your debts and getting back on track, credit counselling services may be suggested as part of the process.

Through these, a personalized debt management plan will be created in which it’s suggested how you can effectively repay your debts.

Consolidating your debts into one monthly payment, it will become far more manageable and affordable over time.

Consumer Proposals 

Consumer proposals are a debt relief solution that’s used by millions of Canadians every year.


Because of the benefits that come with using them.

Not only do they prevent creditors from harassing you, but they can stop wage garnishments, reduce your monthly repayments and write off up to 80% of your debts.

To determine whether this is right for you, your trustee will analyze your situation before filing one into the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy.

Of course, with this option there is a voting process in which your creditors can disagree to it.

But if they agree, it can be a very effective method.

Filing for Personal Bankruptcy in St Catharines 

When filing for bankruptcy is the ideal solution, your trustee will take you through the process and showcase why it’s a useful way of eliminating your debt.

Of course, there are certain steps you must take yourself and duties you must fulfill.

But your trustee will make you aware of these ahead of time to ensure that you’re never in the dark.

Debt Help for St Catharine Residents 

No matter what your financial situation, it’s important to know that there is always something that can be done.

Whether you’re facing credit card debt, student loan debt, tax debt, are in a payday loan cycle or are paying high-interest installment loans, there’s a solution.

Debt, of course, is something that won’t fade on its own.

So you need to seek these solutions by contacting a professional who has the know-how and skill to help.

Which is where our Licensed Insolvency Trustees in St Catharines come in.

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