Debt Help & Credit Counselling in Windsor, Ontario

Windsor, Ontario Credit Counselling Services

Many people experience debt, so if you’re in need of debt help and credit counselling in Windsor, Ontario, know that you aren’t alone.

Media reports suggest household debt is a growing concern for all Canadians, but action can be taken.

By getting in touch with our team at Bankruptcy Canada, you will learn of the debt solutions available to you, and consequently, begin your journey towards a debt-free life.

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Debt Help in Windsor, Ontario

At Bankruptcy Canada, our licensed insolvency trustees can support you on your journey out of debt.

We will:


  • Give you advice on the best way to deal with your creditors.
  • Explain the debt solutions that are available to you.
  • Talk to you about consolidating your debts.
  • Explain consumer proposals and bankruptcy to you.
  • Help you get your paperwork in order.
  • Give you advice on money management and budgeting.


And much more.

At Bankruptcy Canada, we have years of experience helping customers in the Windsor, Ontario region, and we have helped people escape all kinds of debt.

So, no matter what your personal situation, know that we have the expertise to help you.

Over the years, we have helped customers to:



  • Stop the payday loan cycle. The high interest loaded onto these loans make paying them off difficult, and some people have taken out other loans to deal with them. This can make life harder, but the solutions we offer can end this cycle of debt.


  • Discharge a student loan. Student debt can create real problems, as its yet another burden that can eat into your income when you’re trying to manage your finances. It can be discharged through a consumer proposal or bankruptcy.


  • Deal with a range of other debt problems. From high-interest installment loans to tax debt liabilities, we have helped customers manage a variety of other debt issues.


Speak to us about your particular debt problem and let us help you out of your difficult situation.

Credit Counselling In Windsor, Ontario

To help you manage your debts, we can offer an expert credit counselling service in Windsor, Ontario.

With a personalized financial plan, you will be able to control your spending, keep up with your debt payments, and start to make deeper inroads into paying off the debts that burden you.

When you work with a credit counsellor, you will save thousands of dollars in interest charges, learn how to consolidate your debts, and escape the debt crisis that is affecting many Canadians today.

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