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British Columbia is one of Canada’s most expensive provinces to live in.

And while residents of Langley, BC get to enjoy wonderful attractions like Fort Langley, the Langley Zoo and the Canadian Museum of flight, resident’s wages aren’t always commensurate with the rising cost of living.

As such, many people living in Langley, BC are currently living with high volumes of consumer debt.

Indeed, average household debt has risen by over 25% as of 2015.

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As household debts accumulate, they can grow harder to manage.

It can be very difficult to keep track of different interest rates, and account for payments coming out of your account throughout each month.

Households can find that their debt becomes a ball and chain that follows them around everywhere they go.

At Bankruptcy Canada, we help people all over the country to get the debt relief they need to live a life that’s debt-free in as little as 5 years.

A Debt Consultant in Langley, BC can help you understand your options and take control of your debts, whatever they may be.

Don’t let your quality of life be dragged down by debt!

Household debt places a stranglehold on your finances.

Especially if you’re forking out a fortune in interest payments every month and paying down worryingly little of your principal.

Persistent household debts can stay with you for years or even decades, preventing you from being able to budget properly and pay into your savings regularly.

Moreover, debt can have a profound emotional and psychological impact, which is why it’s so important to take active steps to take control of your debts.

With the help of our highly knowledgeable team, you can choose a debt relief strategy that’s suited to your unique needs and circumstances.

We help you to understand all your options

Unlike a non-profit Credit Counselling service, we can help you to understand all of the options available to you.

Credit Counsellors can only reach out to your creditors and help you to set up a Debt Management Plan.

However, this is not an appropriate solution for debts larger than $10,000-$15,000 or government debt like money owed to the CRA.

While you may be able to get interest rates reduced under such a plan, you can still find yourself with a principal which takes many years to clear.

Our Licensed Insolvency Trustees can advise you on debt relief options that will free you from having to pay interest, fees and charges as well as writing off some, most or even all of your principal.

Consumer Proposals

A Consumer Proposal can free you of up to 80% of your principal across multiple creditors, as well as all interest, fees and charges.

They work in much the same way as a Debt management Plan, consolidating your debts so that you can make them much more manageable.

They can also be leveraged against government debts like student loans and tax debt.

As long as 51% or more of your creditors agree to the terms set out by your Trustee / Proposal Administrator, all of your creditors are legally bound by them.

You can even protect your investments and assets with this option.

Personal Bankruptcy

Some residents of Langley, BC may balk at the idea of a Personal Bankruptcy.

However, it can prove the fastest way to rid yourself of debt and get the fresh financial start you need.

It can put a decisive end to threatening calls and emails from creditors as well as preventing measures like salary garnishment or freezes being placed on your bank account.

Bankruptcy not only settles your debts, it also teaches you to identify the circumstances and behaviours that allowed your debts to spiral out of control and imbues you with the money management tips that can help you to live debt-free and rebuild your credit rating.

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Since we opened our doors in 1999, we’ve helped over 200,000 people from all over Canada to take control of their lives by ridding themselves of debt.

We help people to find a Licensed Insolvency Trustee and inform them of all their options so that they can get the debt relief that they need.

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