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Credit Counselling in Edmonton, Alta.

If you’re in debt in Edmonton, it might feel as though you’ll never get out of it.

And with consumer debt in Canada at an all time high, nearly reaching $2 trillion, you need to find a solution that works for you.

Edmonton Credit Counselling services might be just the ticket.

The first step that you can take towards regaining your financial stability and independence, it comes with numerous benefits that you can take advantage of the moment that you enquire.

Find out more about Edmonton credit counselling services and what they can do for you through our guide below.

And if you have any further questions, you can simply get in contact with one of our trustees by using the contact information below.

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Credit Counselling in Edmonton – Expert Advice Surrounding Debt Relief Services 

Many people struggle to make their minimum payments each month, causing them to accrue debt.

This debt leads to nights of endless sleep, with the worry that the debt will never be paid.

At Bankruptcy Canada, we’re here to end this stress and ensure that you’re on the path to financial success.

Providing individuals with advice surrounding debt relief for over 20 years, we strive to offer personalized services that are unlike any other available.

What is Credit Counselling?

Debt is rising due to the high-interest rates that are associated with them.

Whether it be because of installment loans or credit card debt, it can put a significant dent in your finances.

And when nothing is done about it, it can lead to numerous problems down the line.

Which is why it’s essential to take action as soon as possible.

To prevent bankruptcy, you can turn towards Edmonton credit counselling services.

Helping you to manage your finances and rebuild them, you’ll be on the fast track towards a better financial situation.

Striving to reduce any interest rates and late fees that are on your debts, they can prove to be invaluable in the long term.

Certified and trained, each counselor will sit and discuss your financial situation with you, before developing a personalized plan.

Consisting of several useful sessions, the information that they will provide you is key to financial recovery.

Finding the Best Debt Solutions For You

Through opting for our credit counselling services in Edmonton, you will discover how our highly trained and accredited counsellors can help you to find the best option for you.

Whether this is taking out a debt consolidation loan, filing a consumer proposal or getting a line of credit on your home.

Consolidating all of your debts so that they are in one affordable payment each month, saving you thousands of dollars that you would have otherwise spent on interest and getting your finances back on track, we’re your first port of call every time.

The Key Benefits of Opting for Edmonton Credit Counselling Services

When looking for the best way to overcome the difficulties of debt, look no further than credit counselling.

Along with the above benefits mentioned, through hiring a licensed credit counsellor, you can reap the following advantages:


  • Helping you to create a proactive plan – as aforementioned, part of the process will be to create a proactive plan that works for you. This step-by-step plan will map out how you’ll repay what you owe to your creditors. Keeping you on track and your goals at the forefront, it’s invaluable in the process;
  • Guiding you on money management – to ensure that you’re on the right path, your credit counsellor will teach you about money management so that you can budget more effectively. Which is ideal if you’re not familiar with how to efficiently handle finances;
  • Focus on positive financial habits – as a way of improving your finances, your counsellor will guide you as to what outgoings you can cut down on and what negative financial habits to avoid so that you’re not facing debt in the future. A healthy step towards better management of your money, you’ll start to see the differences in no time at all.


Offering Edmonton Residents Guidance Since 1999

Throughout the years, we’ve grown to become Canada’s number one site for those looking for advice surrounding debt relief.

Partnered with over 430 licensed trustees throughout Canada, it’s easy to see why so many customers love what we have to offer.

Leading debt relief service and credit counselling providers, we’re always on hand to guide you on how to manage your money better.

Consumer Proposals and Bankruptcy 

As mentioned above, as part of our credit counselling services, two options you could choose are to file for a consumer proposal, or in the worst-case scenario, bankruptcy.

However, bankruptcy should be avoided unless it’s completely necessary.

When it comes to consumer proposals, a Licensed Insolvency Trustee (LIT) will help you to file one before it’s agreed by your creditors through a voting process (which typically lasts 45 days).

Creating a repayment plan that’s under 5 years, it will ensure that you’re out of debt sooner rather than later.

Through this option, you’ll pay your trustee directly, who will then distribute the payments to all of your creditors.

One thing to remember about this option, however, is that you’ll have to have debts that are under $250,000, meaning that it’s not always suitable for everyone.

Through a credit counselling session, it will be identified whether this is the best choice for you.

If not, then a different solution will be suggested.

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Then don’t hesitate to get in contact with one of our licensed trustees today.

Available 24/7, we’re always on hand to provide you with the best advice for your unique financial situation no matter what you’re looking for.

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