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Stop the Worry… We’ve got a Debt Solution for you!

Possible Solutions:

* Personal Reorganization
* Make arrangements with creditors
* Debt consolidation loans
* Orderly Payment of Debts (OPD)
* Consumer Proposal
* Personal Bankruptcy

Warning signs of financial difficulty….

* Little or no savings
* Unable to catch up on monthly bills
* Making only minimum payments on credit cards
* Using credit to pay for basic needs (rent, groceries, medication)
* Frequent calls from creditors or collection agencies
* Borrowing money from family and friends
* Feeling stressed or overwhelmed
* Having health, job or marriage problems due to your financial stress

At Faber Inc. we are committed to lifting your debt burden, then showing you how to stay out of debt and save for a secure, comfortable future.

* We can stop creditors harassing you
* We can assist you with Income tax debt
* We can protect your assets
* We can stop wage garnishees

Call us today for a free initial consultation.

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