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Everyone has debt problems. Only you have the power to decide to solve them.  We’re here to help you.


The R-Plan provides the right solution for you.  It’s designed to help eliminate your debts painlessly & in a most dignified manner.  Best of all, it’s customized to your unique situation.
Talk to us today so we can help provide you with relief from your creditors & help you build your financial future.

Get solutions for your money problems!

Depending on your personal situation, our experienced team can work with you and your creditors to resolve your financial difficulties, in a caring and compassionate manner.

Consumer Proposal

– if necessary, we’ll assist you to file a formal Proposal. This agreement between you and your creditors may allow you to pay off only a portion of your debts and/or extend the time you have to pay off your debts.

Personal bankruptcy

– as a last resort, you can cope with financial crisis by declaring bankruptcy. This is a legal process that immediately stops all collection efforts and legal actions by your creditors, including lawsuits, asset seizures, and wage garnishments. The process includes counseling sessions that can help you create realistic budgets and regain control over your finances.

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