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Burnaby, BC

Bankruptcy Burnaby, BC

If you are faced with overwhelming debt you might be confused about what to do next and how to move forward.

For those in this situation we are here to assist you with your finances.

We can educate you about debt relief options such as filing bankruptcy or making a proposal to your creditors.

Without the help of our professional bankruptcy Burnaby team your debt may seem overwhelming and unmanageable.

We are passionate to provide professional Burnaby insolvency advice.

When you work with us we can help you make a plan to get your debt under control.

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We help Burnaby residents get out of debt with our government licensed debt relief services.

Burnaby, BC
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Bankruptcy Burnaby

We are Licensed Insolvency Trustees in Burnaby.

Formerly known as a bankruptcy trustee, our experts can help you explore all of your debt relief options.

Our Licensed Insolvency Trustees are licensed by the government and are the only debt relief experts who can provide a full range of debt solutions.

Only a Trustee can provide bankruptcy in Burnaby and consumer proposal services.

We are available to meet with you at your convenience for a free initial consultation.

At this meeting you will meet with a local professional who is highly skilled and has the experience to solve your debt problem.

This meeting will give you information about your options and answers to your questions.

The trustee will help you make a strategy for dealing with your debt.

Bankruptcy in Burnaby

Filing bankruptcy in Burnaby is the quickest and least expensive way to get a fresh start.

In most cases you keep all your assets and are out of bankruptcy in nine month.

The minimum cost is $1,800 payable at the rate of $200 a month for nine months.

Another popular option is a consumer proposal.

A consumer proposal allows you to keep assets, that might be lost in a bankruptcy and to repay a portion of the debt that you owe.

If you are being harassed by collection agencies, are worried about a wage garnishment or are dealing with credit card debt you need a professional expert at your side.

Our Burnaby bankruptcy professionals are dedicated, respectful and caring.

We will explain all of your options and help you make an informed decision.

Debt Relief Services Available in Burnaby, BC

We can help you determine what debt relief solution is right for you

Debt Relief Services Can Give You
a Fresh Start in Burnaby.

Call for a free and confidential consultation at our Burnaby Office for immediate help with debt relief in Burnaby.