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Fort Erie BankruptcyFort Erie Bankruptcy – Our team of highly trained Fort Erie licensed insolvency trustees are members of the CAIRP and are ethical professionals that will assist you with filing a consumer proposal with your creditors or going bankrupt.

We only list trustees on Bankruptcy Canada’s Fort Erie page if they are ethical and skilled professionals.

These trustees will provide a confidential and no risk consultation meeting to review your income and your debts.

You can then start building a plan towards financial freedom from debt.

You can schedule a confidential evaluation by calling us at 877-221-5295.

Fort Erie Bankruptcy laws were written to allow individuals:

  1. To go bankrupt or make a proposal to eliminate overwhelming debts;
  2. To allow the individual to retain some of their property to assist in the debtor’s fresh financial start;
  3. To receive protection from creditor harassment of any kind;
  4. To stop all collection calls;
  5. To stop wage garnishments.

Fort Erie Bankruptcy – Bankruptcy and Consumer Proposals:

Bankruptcy Fort Erie, Ontario - Consumer Proposals & Declaring Bankruptcy in Fort Erie, ON

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If you decide to file bankruptcy all of your eligible debts will be eliminated after nine months, although in rare cases your bankruptcy may last 21 months (such as a 2nd time bankrupt).

Most individuals who file bankruptcy with our trustees have little or no assets that they lose through bankruptcy because the exemptions allow the individual to keep property safe from seizure in a bankruptcy case.

Bankruptcy provides a quick and straightforward relief from debts.

A Consumer Proposal is designed for people that would like to keep property not protected from seizure by the Ontario bankruptcy exemptions and pay off a portion of the debt they owe over a period of time at a reduced interest rate.

Consumer proposals generally last from three to five years and our trustees can help you make a successful proposal to your creditors.

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