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Hanover Credit Counselling: Where to Turn For Financial Assistance

In Ontario, many people each year face financial difficulty, sometimes because of job layoffs, sometimes because unforeseen expenses crop up that folks have been unable to set money aside to cover.

Maybe it’s been a particularly brutal winter and your house needs a new roof.

Maybe one of the children needs braces, and your job doesn’t offer dental coverage as a benefit.

Or maybe the car you rely on to get to work has broken down, and you’re faced with a big decision — spend hundreds, maybe thousands, getting it repaired, or invest in a new vehicle.

Either way, it’s a big expense you’re about in incur, and your savings account is just too anaemic to cover it.

It’s not surprising that many people in the province are facing creeping debt and have less money to cover it.

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After all, housing costs alone just keep rising, and more and more folks are spending more than they should, statistically speaking, on just life’s basic necessities.

Studies say that spending about 30 percent of your total income on housing is about right, but many people are spending 40, 50, and even 60 percent because homes and apartments are scarce, and therefore the cost of buying or renting skews in the landlord’s (or seller’s) favour.

Knowing where to turn, and how to get help on these pressing financial issues, isn’t easy.

After all, if you had the money to pay a private accountant to manage your “books,” you probably wouldn’t be in this dilemma in the first place, right?

What Services Does Our Hanover Credit Counselling Office Provide?

Hanover Credit Counselling Services helps its clients learn about the financial solutions available in Ontario to problems like budget shortfalls, burdensome credit card debt, and other stressful monetary issues.

The agency’s only agenda is helping you sort out your money woes, and the staff is committed to finding the answer that’s right for you.

Perhaps it’s a consumer proposal that takes your debt down to a monthly payment and puts an end to those awful collection agency calls.

Perhaps it’s just a firm budget you need, and your counsellor can help design one that you and your family can live with and stick to.

There are many different solutions in Ontario that offer people a way to navigate through economic uncertainty and trouble, and Hanover Credit Counselling Services is dedicated to finding the right solution for you.

Hanover has been helping Canadians since 1999, and our counsellors bring that experience, knowledge and skill to every client they serve.

Each counsellor is fully qualified with certification in financial services, and has extensive knowledge of the rules, regulations and guidelines in Ontario, and Canada as a whole, that you need to make an informed decision about your financial future.

Sometimes the hardest part of contacting Hanover Counselling Services is that very first phone call or email, the one that means you’ve had to admit the problem is bigger than you are.

That’s not an easy decision for any client to make, we know.

But it’s a smart decision, because it means you no longer want to remain mired in debt or stay awake nights worrying about that next collection agency call.

Improve Your Financial Health

But think of it this way: if you have a medical problem, you go to a doctor.

If your car needs fixing, you go to a mechanic.

It’s the very same principle at work with credit counselling — admitting you need financial expertise to solve your money woes is the wisest choice you can make when you need to address an issue regarding your financial health.

Even if you are still “treading water” financially, why not reach out before a crisis occurs?

Why not get back on the road to solvency and security before it reaches a tipping point, when there’s no option but bankruptcy?

Acknowledging that you cannot handle the issue yourself is not admitting defeat, it’s acknowledging that, in these complicated economic times, you’ve correctly chosen to talk to an expert who can steer you in the right direction, and get you back on solid ground.

Schedule a Free Consultation

The counsellors at Hanover will take all your information, ask only relevant and pertinent questions that do not invade your privacy, and make recommendations based on your situation and goals for the future.

It is your best interests the counsellors keep uppermost in mind, and it doesn’t cost a nickel for you to take advantage of their expertise.

The staff explains every option available to you, but ultimately the decision is yours.

They counsel, but they do not decide — that’s up to you.

Once you’ve made a decision in consultation with your counsellor, we guarantee you’ll feel like the weight of the world is starting to lift from your shoulders.

Financial pressures are one of the most stressful problems Ontarians face, but the staff at Hanover Credit Counselling Services will help you sort through them quickly, and in complete confidence.

Call our Hanover office when you’re tired of waking up at night over money trouble.

All you have to lose is the strain of not knowing your next step.

In mere seconds, your counsellor starts answering your questions, and you’ll begin feeling better immediately.

It’s all the counsellors at Hanover do, and they are professional, courteous and non-judgemental with every client they greet.

Hanover has been guiding clients for almost 30 years — why not let them begin guiding you?

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