How To Deal With Debt Collectors

Tips For Dealing With Debt Collectors

Getting phone calls from debt collection services is never a pleasant experience.

It can make you feel scared, vulnerable and stressed, leading to a host of knock-on effects on the rest of your life.

It is vital, therefore, that you know your rights and understand how to deal with these agencies when they call.

Did you know that Canadian law affords you certain rights when it comes to debt collection agencies?

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For example, debt collectors cannot:


  • Call you after 9 pm or before 7 am;
  • Use abusive or profane language over the phone to coerce or intimidate;
  • Collect money from you without a provincial license;;
  • Use tactics to force you into bankruptcy;
  • Put “unreasonable” pressure on you to cough up the money;
  • Collect more debt than you owe;
  • Discuss details of your debt with other members of your household without your permission;
  • Talk to you in a humiliating or distressing manner.


So, right off the bat, you have some protection.

But what else can you do to protect yourself from these people when they come calling?

Don’t Ignore Debt Collector Calls

Debt collectors will attempt to get in touch with you in whatever way they can on behalf of their clients.

Typically, this means calling you repeatedly until they get a response.

It is not a good idea to ignore calls from debt collectors.

They’re a business looking to recover money for their customers.

For that reason, they will continue to pursue you using whatever tools they have at their disposal.

They won’t go away, and waiting could even make the problem worse.

Speak with them and get them to explain why they are calling.

You then have all the information that you need to negotiate effectively.

Record Your Calls

Recording calls from debt collectors is a great way to improve your position.

It allows you to track whether the agency broke any of the rules discussed above, and you can use it to prove that you’re not avoiding calls.

Request Written Communication Only

Debt collection agencies like to use telephone calls to put pressure on people they believe owe their clients money.

But this tactic creates a lot of stress for the person on the receiving end and can actually hamper your efforts to repay debt.

Some people, therefore, request that the debt collection agencies only communicate with them in writing.

Corresponding in letters provides you with a complete record of all your interactions and reduces the level of stress you feel.

Also, when you respond in writing, you have more time to consider what you say.

So, unlike speaking over the telephone, you can ensure that all your correspondence strengthens your position.

Work With Professional Bankruptcy Help Experts

Dealing with debt collectors by yourself can be a challenging and stressful experience.

Because you’re not an expert in the matter, you never know whether you are making the right decisions.

It is a good idea, therefore, to work with bankruptcy professionals who can guide you through the process and deal with debt collection agencies on your behalf.

When you have professionals on your side, you get peace of mind.

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