debt problemsIf you have debt problems, your first call should be to a Trustee



Trustees are the acknowledged experts on all aspects of debt and can solve any of your debt problems.


Most trustees are accountants and have a university degree.  They also have to take a rigorous three year law and bankruptcy course, and be tested at an oral board.  Before being granted a trustee license they are investigated by the RCMP.   It is mandatory that they partake of regular training and courses to keep up with changes in the law and new ways to solve debt problems.


debt problems

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When you contact a trustee you can set your mind at ease! You don’t have to worry about being cheated or dealing with someone who is not good at their job or who has a conflict of interest and will not give you the best advice for your debt problem.


Trustees are the best educated and trained debt experts.   They have a stringent code of ethics and are regulated by the Superintendent of Bankruptcy.  All trustees in Canada have their costs and fees regulated by the government so the cost will be the same regardless of which trustee in Canada you use.