A. Farber & Partners Dundas Bankruptcy

Dundas Bankruptcy

When you declare bankruptcy, it shows that you are no longer in a financial situation to pay off your debt.


Depending on whether your debt is secured or unsecured, you stand to lose a lot by filing for bankruptcy.


A. Farber & Partners can both file your bankruptcy for you, as well as provide alternative financial solutions where you may not have to file for bankruptcy after all.


A. Farber & Partners was established in 1979, and since then we have been offering debt consultancy services in Canada.



A. Farber & Partners Dundas, ON Licensed Insolvency Trustee

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If you are a resident of Dundas, Ontario, and you need a Licensed Insolvency Trustee to file for bankruptcy, then A. Farber & Partners is trusted, secure and provides confidential consultancy services that can absolve you from your financial crisis.


The first appointment you book with us is free of charge.


You can contact us either by calling us over the phone, or by booking and appointment online through our web site.


The first consultation will help you understand where you stand with respect to your debt.


Not only will you gain a clear picture of your current financial situation, but we also provide debt settlement and consolidation options where you may not have to declare bankruptcy after all.


Debt consultancy services in Dundas, Ontario:


While bankruptcy can only be filed by a Licensed Insolvency Trustee and we will follow through with those proceedings when absolutely necessary, we also understand that debt is not easily absolved.


That is why our debt consultants offer an array of other services, such as debt settlement, writing consumer proposals, debt management counselling and more.


Our Licensed Insolvency Trustees will do more than just file your case for you – we are dedicated to helping you secure your finances and provide debt consultation services that secure your future as well.

A. Farber & Partners Dundas Bankruptcy
89 King Street West
Suite #106
Dundas Ontario L9H 1V1
Phone: 1-844-294-7980