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Are you unable to repay your financial debts?


Are collectors hounding you with phone calls and letters asking for their money?


Does it seem like you have reached the end of the road, and that you have no option but to file for bankruptcy?



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Bankruptcy could be your saving grace.


Statistics show that the number of Canadians filing for bankruptcy has been increasing every year, and Georgetown residents are part of these statistics as well.


What happens when you have filed for bankruptcy?


Once you have filed for bankruptcy, the Stay of Proceedings comes into effect. That means:


  • Your creditors cannot hound you for repayments anymore;
  • All actions by your unsecured creditors come to an immediate halt;
  • Collections stop with immediate effect, and interest stops accruing;
  • Wage garnishees that are either in place or are a contemplated plan of action are stopped immediately.

Who can file a bankruptcy for you in Georgetown, Ontario


A reliable Georgetown bankruptcy trustee can help you file a bankruptcy in Georgetown, Ontario.


However, before you file for bankruptcy, talk to a licensed professional trustee to go through your options.


You will have to qualify/meet specifications before you file for bankruptcy.


A. Farber & Partners Inc Consumer Proposal Trustee Georgetown can help you decide if you want to go through with bankruptcy or if you have other options.


We have successfully assisted residents of the Georgetown area with their financial problems and difficulties for over two decades.


We have helped several hundreds of Georgetown residents solve their debt problems permanently and have helped them rebuild their financial futures.


The debt solutions staff at A. Farber & Partners in Georgetown are fully equipped and more than willing to review your unique financial situation and come up with a plan to help lighten your financial burden.


We have designed our services to provide you with a plan to help you rebuild your future.

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