A. Farber & Partners Scarborough Bankruptcy

With over 31 years of experience, A. Farber & Partners Scarborough Bankruptcy has made an indispensable place in Scarborough when it comes to money matters.


Helping people solve their debt crisis has been our niche, and we continue this journey with some of the best Licensed Insolvency Trustees or LITs in the area.


Debt has a way of creeping into your life and disrupting your peace.


Harassing calls from creditors, unlimited bills, and accumulating liabilities can seem like the end of the world, but it really is not.


With our experience in the domain of debt and finance, we can help you come out of some of the most complex debt situations.


Located in Eastern Metropolitan Toronto, our Scarborough office is open Monday to Friday from 8:30 AM to 6:30 PM.


You can fill up an online form to book an appointment or call us.


Our office is situated at:


A. Farber & Partners Scarborough, ON Licensed Insolvency Trustee

2100 Ellesmere Road
Suite 301,
Scarborough, Ontario M1H 3B7
Phone: 1-844-294-7980


We offer a free no obligation meeting to all our clients where we understand your debt issues and present the favourable solutions suited to your requirements that you can choose from.


Our LIT at the Scarborough office is Adam Agulnik. He has been us for more than a decade would be happy to help you.


A. Farber & Partners Scarborough Bankruptcy has a history of filing many successful bankruptcies and consumer proposals.


We also offer debt consolidations services and money management advice.


Do not let debt trouble you or come in the way of your peace.


If you want to lead a happy life and provide your family with the same, you should get in touch with us now.


We can help you leave all your debt issues behind!

A. Farber & Partners Scarborough Bankruptcy
2100 Ellesmere Road
Suite 301
Scarborough Ontario M1H 3B7
Phone: 1-844-294-7980