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Bankruptcy can affect your life and leave long term consequences unless you properly deal with it.


In Canada, you must approach a Licensed Insolvency Trustee if you intend to declare bankruptcy.


If you live in Toronto, Danforth, Ontario, and are seeking a Licensed Insolvency Trustee, then A. Farber & Partners offers debt consultancy services as well as debt relief solutions that can help you end living with debt once and for all.


We have over forty years of experience in dealing with bankruptcy and debt in Canada, and have been given the ‘Consumer Choice Award’ by Trustpilot for the last six consecutive years.


Our services encompass everything from filing for bankruptcy to debt relief, debt consolidation, alternative solutions such as consumer proposals, credit counselling, and a host of other expert advice that can remove debt from your life permanently.


Confirm your first free consultation with our financial experts today!


If you live in Toronto, Danforth, and book a consultation with us, then your first consultation won’t cost you anything.


Once you book your appointment, you will be eligible for a one hour free consultation with one of our Licensed Insolvency Trustees either over the phone or through video.


Your consultation with our financial experts will give you clarity on the various options you have when it comes to resolving your debt.


You may not necessarily have to file for bankruptcy, but can seek relief from debt through solutions such as sending a consumer proposal to your creditor.


Our services are trusted and secure, and our Licensed Insolvency Trustees will guide you through the whole process of addressing and resolving your debt.


When you come to A. Farber & Partners in Toronto, Danforth, you will receive experienced guidance that have helped hundreds of people deal with debt so they can resume their normal lives free from debt.

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