A. Farber & Partners Toronto York St Bankruptcy

A. Farber is a reputed name in the debt-release industry and in dealing with matters of insolvency.


With over 50 years of experience in the subject, the team of licensed insolvency trustees working for the LIT firm is not only highly-skilled but extremely efficient in their service.


If you’re a resident of Toronto, Ontario and would like help taking care of your debts for you – A. Farber & Partners Toronto York St Bankruptcy can help.


We will guide you accordingly on the procedure to follow to relieve yourself from your debt load.


We attempt to provide our clients with a peace of mind, when dealing with their debts. You no longer have to answer harassing phone-calls from the creditors you’d borrowed from.


We will take care of all your creditor communication.


You can avail our 100% cost and obligation-free financial and debt consultation when you make your appointment with us.


As part of this consultation, we learn about your finances and how readily you can file for bankruptcy.


Debt relief options vary.


Is Bankruptcy in Toronto Right For Me?


Bankruptcy might not be viable for you in some circumstances.


You could be able to free yourself of your debt by undergoing financial consultation or by drawing up a consumer proposal.


We will advise you on the option that is most relevant in your case.


We are government approved to help you manage your debt legally.


We can help you file for bankruptcy if we assess that doing so is the only way to rescue your from your piling debts.


You can expect us to be present and support you through the entire procedure.


Our Toronto bankruptcy office is run by an expert team of finance professionals who are dedicated to help its customers lead a content life, free of debt.


We understand how finding yourself in debt might be emotionally stressful for you as well, and are more than willing to offer your counseling and guidance to help alleviate any stress you might feel during our bankruptcy procedure.


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