Bureau de syndic Pierre Lemieux Mont-Laurier Bankruptcy

On an average, Canadians have about $8500 in consumer debt apart from what they may be owing on their mortgage.


That is not a small amount but it may still be manageable.


But what happens if your debts are far higher than this?


What if the debts have accumulated to such an extent that your income plus savings simply cannot cover it?


This is when you are facing a serious problem that might end with bankruptcy.


Declaring bankruptcy comes with its host of unpleasant consequences upon your reputation, your credit score, your financial standing.


That’s why this is not a decision to be taken in haste.


What you need if you are at this juncture is help from a trustworthy, reliable, experienced professional who is well acquainted with insolvency laws and the actual import of this situation.


If you are a resident of MONT LAURIER, QUEBEC, our team at Bureau de syndic Pierre Lemieux Mont-Laurier Bankruptcy firm is ready to assist you.


We understand that this is a sensitive issue for you and a very stressful time for you and your family.


That is why we offer completely confidential interactions wherein no unrelated third party will be allowed access to your personal data.


Be it debt consolidation or consumer proposals or bankruptcy, we will outline to you what exactly they mean to you.


We help you arrive at a judicious decision about which strategy to adopt in tackling your debts and we help you formulate a specific plan to adopt that strategy as well.


We are committed to making sure you put your debt burden behind you effectively and also repair your financial health and lifestyle in such a manner that you will never fall prey to a debt trap again.


Call us today to book an appointment with one of our experts.

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