Chase Powell River Bankruptcy

Are you a resident of Powell River, British Columbia area and looking for a way out of your debts?


Fret not, as a body of Chartered Accountants under Chase Powell River Bankruptcy, licenced insolvency trustee, assures you of accurate guidance based on your situation.


Debt and bankruptcy have become much more common in today’s times but you can trust us to be your trouble-shooters after a thorough assessment.


We offer assistance in credit counseling, settlement of debts, personal bankruptcy and consumer proposals.



Derek L. Chase Powell River, BC Licensed Insolvency Trustee

4493A Marine Avenue
Powell River, British Columbia V9W 2P9
Phone: 1-888-387-7904



Chase Powell River Bankruptcy aims to provide you with the best solutions and thus we do not hurry through the process.


We believe in a thorough analysis of an individual’s financial status before offering the ideal support and counseling.

Our particularised approach


We offer you with a cost-free obligation-free confidential financial evaluation, which helps us in knowing you and your financial problems better.


An overview of your bills comprising of your loans, mortgages etc. and an approximate calculation of your debts gives us an idea of your situation. W


e, then, take into consideration the assets that you might hold, your income and the members in your family.


An in-depth evaluation forms the basis for how we go forward with your case.


Chase Powell River Bankruptcy understands that there can be varied and logical reasons as to why someone might have become insolvent.


It is imperative to remove the stigma attached with bankruptcy.


If you have reached out to us for help, we will pull you out of the trap of debts that you have fallen into and help you cross over brighter and more positive future.


We help our consumers understand what a bankruptcy is, when can you file for it, what their alternatives – providing a comprehensive and holistic solution.


You will leave as a much more informed individual, perhaps not even requiring our help anytime in the future!



Chase Powell River Bankruptcy
4493A Marine Avenue
Powell River British Columbia V9W 2P9
Phone: 1-888-387-7904