Chase Terrace Bankruptcy

Chase Terrace Bankruptcy is an enterprise of Derek L. Chase and Associates.


We’ve been known to provide exemplary insolvency and bankruptcy related services to residents of Terrace, Print Rupert and Kitimat, among others.


At Chase Terrace Bankruptcy, we treat every debt case as unique.


Such an approach allows us to come up with more effective solutions to remedy your financial distress.


We understand that everyone’s debt load is different and needs to be tackled differently to yield best results.


If you’ve been struggling with a debt load and need professional help and advise on how you can dissolve this debt in Terrace, British Columbia, you might want to get in touch.



Derek L. Chase Terrace, BC Licensed Insolvency Trustee

4639 Lazelle Avenue
Terrrace, BC V8G 1S8
Phone: 1-888-387-7904


How We Help


Chase Terrace Bankruptcy can be a worthy partner in helping you fight off your debts.


We provide a free initial confidential financial consultation to every person seeking out our services.


During this consultation, your finances are thoroughly examined by our team of debt experts.


We provide possible solutions for discarding your debt during this consultation.


The counseling session is obligation free. If you wish, you can choose to proceed with us in tackling your debts.


If not, you are free to seek bankruptcy help elsewhere.


Multiple Options to Help You Sail Through Your Financial Mess


Chase Terrace Bankruptcy does not only help clients file for bankruptcy, it offers a host of alternative debt relief solutions too.


You can choose from our debt counseling, debt negotiation or consumer proposal assistance.


If you find that your credit score is flailing and you are faced with possible debt, we can aid you in restructuring your finances.


Financial restructuring could help minimize your chances of ending up with a debt pile.


It is incredibly easy to find yourself in debt.


There could be many reasons that cause you to accrue debt.


We don’t judge you at Chase Terrace Bankruptcy.


You can come to us with your debt load without any shame.


Our goal is to help you get rid of your debt load and that is what we do!


Chase Terrace Bankruptcy
4639 Lazelle Avenue
Terrrace BC V8G 1S8
Phone: 1-888-387-7904