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The prospect of wage garnishment or frequent calls from debt collectors is not an easy thing to deal with for anyone.


If you have mounting debts that you are unable to pay off, this could be a daily issue you face.


A huge debt burden is not just a big problem for your finances but also creates a lot of stress and uncertainty for you and your family.


The knowledge that you may not be able to pay off the debts in full at any time may push you towards bankruptcy- a decision that is very difficult to make.



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However, before you go ahead with this, you need to understand exactly what this means for you.


What you need at this critical juncture is the help of an expert in these matters who can tell you the implications of declaring bankruptcy on your finances, your future and your family.


If you are a resident of MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO, all you need to do is call us at David Sklar & Associates Mississauga to get such help.


We offer personalized guidance that will take into account your financial state and your debt burden, after a detailed review.


Our expert will then acquaint you with the various debt management options that you may be able to utilize and also give you objective advice on which suits you best in the given circumstances.


At David Sklar & Associates Mississauga, we know that this is a delicate matter for you and you do not want details about your personal finances to be accessible to any third parties.


We offer complete confidentiality and ensure that apart from the expert from our offices and you/ your family, no unrelated third party will be privy to the strategy you will adopt.


Mounting debts may be a huge roadblock but not an insurmountable problem.


With us by your side, you can emerge from this difficult time and set your finances back on track.


Call us now to book an appointment.

David Sklar & Associates Mississauga Bankruptcy
130 Dundas Street East
Ste 306
Mississauga ON L5A 1W7
Phone: 647-931-5373