Faber Cold Lake Bankruptcy

Want to improve your financial situation so that you’re not worried by debt troubles?


Aren’t too sure about what to do to get yourself out of a financial mess?


Looking for some guidance in the right direction in Cold Lake, Alberta?


Look no further – Faber Cold Lake Bankruptcy services can help you with your situation.



Faber Inc. Cold Lake, AB Licensed Insolvency Trustee

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If you’re a resident of Canada who is unable to make debt payments and you owe more than $1000, get in touch with us and let us help you reduce your financial burden.


We’re a Licensed Insolvency Trustee that has been assisting our clients in personal insolvency and corporate services for more than 20 years, working under the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act of Canada.


Book yourself a free consultation with us and let us evaluate your financial situation so that we can offer the best solution specifically catered to your needs.


Our experts can determine if filing for bankruptcy is the most reasonable debt solution for you by checking your assets, debts, income, and household budget.


The legal process of filing for bankruptcy makes sense for you if:


  • You’re unable to make your monthly debt payments
  • Your wages have been garnished
  • You must use your credit card to buy daily necessities
  • You risk losing credit benefits from the bank
  • Your creditors have threatened to take legal action against you
  • Your mental and physical health have taken a toll from your financial worries


Let our experts guide you through the process, from filing for bankruptcy with the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy, Canada, to debt discharge and rebuilding of your financial life.


You don’t need to face it alone.


We have the experience, skills, and knowledge to treat each case as unique and analyse it separately to offer you a debt solution that will work for you.


Start this journey today with a free consultation with our experts.


Faber Cold Lake Bankruptcy
4807 – 51 Street
Suite 201
Cold Lake AB T9M 1P1
Phone: 1-888-298-6710