Faber Grande Prairie Bankruptcy

Which of these sounds like you?


  • You’ve experienced a garnishment of your wages
  • You can’t make your monthly debt payments
  • You’ve reached your bank’s borrowing limit and aren’t able to get any more financial assistance
  • You don’t have enough money for daily needs after paying your debt so you need to use your credit card
  • You are at risk of facing legal action taken by your creditors
  • Your financial situation is affecting your daily functioning



Faber Inc. Grande Prairie, AB Licensed Insolvency Trustee

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If you read any of the above and thought, “That’s me!” – you’re not alone. Several Canadians file for bankruptcy each year in the hope to solve their debt trouble.


Regulated by the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act of Canada, bankruptcy offers a legal and trusted means of overcoming your debt problems and rebuilding your financial standing.


To qualify for bankruptcy in Grande Prairie, Alberta, you must be a Canadian resident who owes at least $1000 in debt and be unable to pay your bills.


If that sounds like you, let Faber Grande Prairie Bankruptcy help you get out of debt. As a Licensed Insolvency Trustee, we’ve been providing clients with personalised consumer as well as corporate debt solutions for over 20 years.


When you book a free consultation with us, our experts will first evaluate your current financial position to see if it makes sense for you to apply for bankruptcy.


If it doesn’t, you’ll be directed to a range of alternative debt solutions depending on what would suit your situation the most.


You’ll receive help at every step of the process, including filing for bankruptcy with the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy.


Our experts will keep you informed of the whole process, the various types of debt involved, and your duties during the entire process of bankruptcy so that you’re best equipped to come out of it and rebuild your financial life.


Get started with your first, free consultation.


Faber Grande Prairie Bankruptcy
10006 – 101 Avenue
Suite 215
Grande Prairie AB T8V 3X8
Phone: 1-888-293-8079