Farber Burnaby Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy could be an advisable option for you if you have a large amount of debt and are unable to meet your financial obligations.


Bankruptcy can help provide relief if you are finding it hard to meet your financial obligations.


Residents of Burnaby, British Columbia who have unsecured debt of $1,000 or more can avail financial protection through the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act.



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Discussing your financial situation with a trustee licensed in bankruptcy can give you a better idea about whether or not you must file for bankruptcy.


It is important to note that you can file for bankruptcy only through a licensed trustee.


At Farber Burnaby Bankruptcy, we will explain everything related to the debt relief options at your disposal.


Your financial situation will dictate the option that best works for you.


Since every financial situation is unique, you will be in a better position to choose the best one only after considering all the options available to you.


Should you file for bankruptcy?


It is your personal decision whether or not you want to file for bankruptcy.


As mentioned above, each financial situation is different, so you can take a final call on the matter after a discussion with our trustee.


However, here are certain warning signs that may better help you understand if you must consider filing for bankruptcy. They are as follow:


·        You can only afford to pay the minimum dues on your credit cards;

·        Creditors are calling you constantly;

·        Using one credit card to clear the dues of another;

·        You are late on bill payments, or miss them at times;

·        You cannot afford to pay utility payments or rent;

·        Significantly stressed out by your debt.


If you find yourself in a position where any of the aforementioned signs affect you, consider getting professional financial help.


Meeting a Farber Burnaby Bankruptcy trustee can help you identify your future course of action.

Farber Burnaby Bankruptcy
4720 Kingsway
Suite 2600
Burnaby BC V5H 4N2
Phone: 778-402-0017