Grant Thornton Limited Fredericton Bankruptcy

If you are looking for bankruptcy help or any other help to get out of debt in Frederiction, New Brunswick area, you have landed on the right page.


We are here to help and support you to come out of the debts and make a fresh financial start.


No matter in which stage of seeking help to get out of debt you are in or how complex your case is our promise is to help you close one or more debt cases so that you are in a position to make a fresh financial start.



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Here’s what is meant by the stages of seeking debt help.


The first stage is when you want some help, if you think your finances could be better.


In other words, you want to make a plan to get your debt under control.


You are not yet sure whether you need the help of a financial expert.


The second stage is when you realize you situation is getting serious and you are beginning to lose control of your debt/s.


At this stage, you seek the help of a professional.


The third situation is when your finances are in serious trouble and so is your future.


You feel stressed because you feel you can’t get control over your debt.


You think you need professional support who can help you get back on tracks.


No matter where do you see yourself, we are here to support and help you handle your debt not just with psychological and motivational counseling but with the active legal support that will eliminate your debt and wipe out your worries.


However, in order to access our help, you will need to visit us and speak to our experts.


They will give you time and attention, study your case and recommend the best possible solution that is real and concrete.

Grant Thornton Limited Fredericton Bankruptcy
919 Prospect Street
Suite 102
Fredericton NB E3B 2T7
Phone: 1-888-296-2822