Grant Thornton Limited Thunder Bay Bankruptcy

Grant Thornton Limited operates in a large number of locations to offer their debt relief services to people from different regions.


We have our office here to serve those looking for bankruptcy help in the Thunder Bay, Ontario region.


However, bankruptcy is not the only solution we offer.


In fact, there are several better and more rewarding options like consumer settlement, informal debt settlement and various other options like debt consolidation.


Should you be facing the financial challenge of any kind, we would like to advise you that bankruptcy is not the only solution.


Contrary to what you may have been advised, we would want to offer you impeccable solutions that do not tarnish your credit rating.


While filing for bankruptcy instantly wipes away your financial burden, it also corrodes your creditworthiness with the implication that the next time you are in need of any kind of credit, no creditor would come forward to help you.


Consumer Proposal or Bankruptcy?


A consumer proposal would come handy when you want to gain some traction with time.


This option would allow you to repay some or your entire unsecured loan in a manner mutually convenient to you and your creditor.


You get a maximum period of 5 years to pay them back.


The other alternative for you could be informal debt settlement.


This arrangement lightens up your burden considerably.


You may have your interest lowered and you may have the option to pay considerably less than what you actually owe your creditor.


There are several other alternatives to choose from.


When you approach us for a consultation, we would discuss your case and assess your financial situation.


You would offer you very personalized advice that includes a number of alternative solutions.


The quality time you spend with us the first time will be highly satisfying and rewarding.


You would come out of our office with the confidence of having left your financial woes behind.

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