Grant Thornton Yarmouth Bankruptcy

Grant Thornton Yarmouth Bankruptcy offers free consultation on debt, insolvency and bankruptcy-related services.


If you are looking for bankruptcy help in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia area, you have landed on the right page.


We help you begin fresh financial starts even when you have overwhelming debt.


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Our Bankruptcy Trustees or Licensed Insolvency Trustees will handle all insolvency proceedings including bankruptcies, consumer proposals, and other debt-related issues so that your debt obligations come to an end.


Once we take up your case, we deal with your creditors directly on your behalf.


No one is going to bother you with calls.


Your creditors can neither contact you nor file recovery proceedings.


We will also let you know the alternatives to bankruptcy that could be favorable to you once you contact us for no obligation free consultation.


Our goal is to help you make free of debt obligations without causing damage to your credit worthiness.


We will present you with choices and we can also recommend the best choice for you under your current financial situations.


In case your credit rating is damaged, we will recommend the ways to repair it.


Should you hesitate to visit our physical location, you can consult us for free telephonically.


This friendly conversation is going to be a rewarding experience for you.


We will hear your debt story with all attention.


Our discussion will be completely confidential.


We offer a variety of legal solutions to your financial challenges including free confidential debt consultations, insolvency and bankruptcy, debt restructuring, consumer proposals, corporate bankruptcy, restructuring and recovery, debt help options and several more.


In our very first consultation, we will let you know why your financial problem is not so big a challenge as you had made it out to be.


We have handled a large number of cases in several decades of our operation, so who would understand this better than us.

Grant Thornton Yarmouth Bankruptcy
328 Main Street
Yarmouth NS B5A 1E5
Phone: 1-888-296-2822