Le Groupe Serpone Lasalle Bankruptcy

Being in Debt – The New Normal


If you are a Canadian and stuck in debt, you must be wondering how to tackle the situation.


The idea of asking for help does not appeal much as it could make you feel ashamed.


But the truth is, it is really common for people to find themselves in debt now, especially in Canada.


Studies have shown that there is an increasing trend of people living on credit or loans and being unable to pay these back.


Such behavior leads many of them towards insolvency.



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Shake Off That Hesitation


Finding that your finances has spiralled out of your control can bring anxiety.


The best thing to do is approach a Licensed Insolvency Trustee firm like us, Le Groupe Serpone Lasalle Bankruptcy.


We will help you understand how to earn and save more and use this earning to pay off your debts.


We will inform you of all the options you have, to help get rid of your debt.


Our trustee members are well trained professionals who carry out their work devoid of any judgement.


Contact us to get all your questions answered.


Your Journey towards Freedom Starts With Us


Once you make an appointment with us at Le Groupe Serpone Lasalle Bankruptcy, a confidential consultation will be arranged.


A licensed insolvency trustee will have a meeting with you, free of cost.


We will gather all the details of your financial condition including your income, expenditures and any other transactions that you might have engaged in.


Then, we will assess all the methods you can approach – debt consolidation, debt settlement or consumer proposal.


Perhaps, simply selling your assets to pay off your debt would help you secure a financial risk-free future.


In the unfortunate case that you are found to be insolvent, then you have to file for bankruptcy.


Do not let this unsettle you.


Your LIT at Le Groupe Serpone Lasalle Bankruptcy will be beside you at each step, letting you know what needs to be done.


Your trustee will handle everything as well.


All you need to do is sign the required forms and attend credit counseling sessions which are compulsory.


We assist our consumers every which way we can until the bankruptcy process is complete.


Le Groupe Serpone Lasalle Bankruptcy
1666, rue Thierry
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Lasalle QC H8N 2K4
Phone: 514-418-0547