Le Groupe Serpone St-Eustache Bankruptcy

Have you fallen behind on your payments?


Are your creditors calling you up menacingly?


Do you think that your debt amount has increased to an extent which is now impossible for you to repay?


Well it is certainly a disturbing situation to be in, but you are hardly the only one.


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There are a growing number of debtors each day looking for professional help to rescue them.


Le Groupe Serpone St-Eustache Bankruptcy is a Licensed Insolvency Trustee group ready to guide anyone like you in the Québec area.


We will help you get back on your feet.


Our trustees do not hurry you through the debt-relief process and starts with a patient listening to all your problems.


During this time and even later, they answer any questions that you might have.


Le Groupe Serpone St-Eustache Bankruptcy offers a complimentary consultation with one of our efficient LITs which is done while maintaining utmost privacy.


A careful examination of your current monetary condition is done so that we can chalk up a plan best suited for you.


If you want to settle your debts or you think you are bankrupt and don’t know how to restructure your finances, we would like to remind you that Le Groupe Serpone St-Eustache Bankruptcy has been a solid support for its customers for over twenty years and they have only favorable things to say about us.


We take a meticulous approach and keep our consumers well informed.


They should know the difference between insolvency and bankruptcy, ways of eliminating debts other than bankruptcy, their responsibilities during on-going bankruptcy and so on.


An informed individual makes a better choice.


Debt Consolidation / Consumer Proposal / Bankruptcy – whatever is the apt solution for you, we will be by your side through all the steps necessary till your debts are discharged.


We also offer sound financial advice to our clients so they never have to find themselves in a seemingly helpless situation again.


Stop hesitating and make that first move to end your misery.


Contact us.





Le Groupe Serpone St-Eustache Bankruptcy
183 St-Eustache St.
St-Eustache QC J7R 2L5
Phone: 450-232-0595