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MNP Berthierville Bankruptcy

The word ‘Bankruptcy’ has a negative connotation in everyone’s minds.


Yet, becoming insolvent or bankrupt has become more common than you think and more so in Canada.


MNP Berthierville Bankruptcy is a Licensed Insolvency Trustee located at Berthierville, Québec which works towards offering debt relief solutions to individuals who feels they are on their way to becoming bankrupt.



MNP Limited Berthierville, QC Licensed Insolvency Trustee

490, rue Gilles-Villeneuve
Berthierville, QC J0K 1A0
Phone: 1-877-251-3489


Not everyone can manage their finances efficiently.


With the unstable economic conditions prevailing, it has become even more difficult to do the same on our own.


Canadians have already developed a habit of taking loans to meet their needs, but are increasingly finding themselves unable to repay these loans timely.


For many, the amount of debt or loans grows so much that they cannot see any other option other than to file for bankruptcy.


Many Québec residents have either already become insolvent or are becoming insolvent.


If you are looking for help regarding your debts, you can contact us at MNP Berthierville Bankruptcy.


We are one of the largest LIT of Canada and have been successfully restructuring the lives of our consumers for years now.


We understand the feeling of frustration that you are going through.


It is common to feel shame but your shame should not hinder you from seeking our help.


Debt Solutions in Berthierville, QC


Once you reach out to us, MNP Berthierville Bankruptcy will start acting promptly to provide you with debt relief as soon as possible.


One of our advisors will sit with you for a free of cost consultation, where your debts and finances will be assessed in depth.


Any and all information will be provided to you regarding your debt-relief procedure and your doubts cleared.


Your trustee will try best to offer a debt relief option other than bankruptcy, such as debt negotiation with your creditors or a consumer proposal.


Bankruptcy is always the last option.


But whatever solution works for you, your trustee will lead you through it and will accompany you till your discharge.


Being in the debt-discharge business for over 50 years and counting, we can confidently say that we will be able to help you turn over a new leaf when it comes to finances.



MNP Berthierville Bankruptcy
490, rue Gilles-Villeneuve
Berthierville QC J0K 1A0
Phone: 1-877-251-3489
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