MNP Burlington Bankruptcy

Debt is turning out to be a common struggle for several Canadians.


If you too, are a Canadian finding it difficult to manage your debts, reach out to our MNP Burlington Bankruptcy office.


We are located in Burlington, Ontario and ready to help local residents in surmounting their debt load. You might have accummulated your debts for any number of reasons.


Poor financial habits, the inability to budget and many other similar reasons can land you with a significant pile of debt.


You need to know that help is available shall you seek it and that you can find ways to tide over your financial difficulties.



MNP Limited Burlington, ON Licensed Insolvency Trustee

2289 Fairview Street
Suite 424,
Burlington, Ontario L7R 2E4
Phone: 905-581-4437


Reputed Canadian Licensed Insolvency Trustee


MNP Burlington Bankruptcy is a Canadian government approved LIT.


If you are grappling with debt and would like professional help in discarding the same, you are recommended to contact a trusted LIT.


MNP Burlington Bankruptcy is a subsidiary of MNP LIT firm, which has more than 50 years of experience in providing bankruptcy relief.


Our clients will vouch for the quality debt solutions we provide.


When you reach out to MNP Burlington Bankruptcy and ask us to extend our services, we take over all debt-related communications on your behalf.


We file the necessary paperwork and even interact with any creditors that might be trying to contact you.


You can call us to schedule your initial consultation with us.


MNP Burlington Bankruptcy is located at 2289 Fairview St, Suite 424, Burlington, ON L7R 2E3.


Feel free to drop in anytime.


We are open on all days of the week.


We function from 8.30 am – 7pm on Monday-Thursday.


On Fridays, the same hours apply but the office closes earlier at 5pm.


Avail a Cost-free Confidential Financial Consultation


When you call/visit us for help with your debts, we provide you with a private debt consultation free of charge and obligations.


During this consultation, you are made aware of all the debt-relief options available to you.


You can choose to continue seeking our debt solutions if you are happy with our approach, or walk away based on your discretion.


MNP Burlington Bankruptcy
2289 Fairview Street
Suite 424
Burlington Ontario L7R 2E4
Phone: 905-581-4437