MNP Burns Lake Bankruptcy

If you are overwhelmed by debts, then declaring bankruptcy might seem the only way out for you. Bankruptcy could be the best solution for you, but you need to be confident about your decision and clear about the legal process involved.

Consulting a reliable MNP bankruptcy firm in Burns Lake, BC, should be your immediate step forward. Our Licensed Insolvency Trustees (LITs) – the only professionals authorized by the government of Canada to administer bankruptcy legally – can offer expert guidance so that you become debt-free soon.

Our Trustees Will Ensure that Illegal Creditor Actions are Stopped Immediately

Did you know that creditor actions such as making phone calls that amount to threatening or harassing, are strictly illegal? Also, creditors are not allowed to make phone calls at timings restricted by law.

Experienced trustees at our MNP Burns Lake Bankruptcy firm are well-knowledgeable of bankruptcy laws and the do’s and don’ts for creditors therein. With us by your side, you can be sure that creditors will be unable to indulge in actions that discredit your dignity or shatter your peace.

As soon as our trustee files for a bankruptcy on your behalf, we ensure implementation of the following actions:

  • Stopping of any direct payments to your unsecured creditors
  • Ceasing wage garnishment
  • Putting a stop to any legal proceedings that might have been initiated against you by your creditors.

We Will Help You Rebuild a Better Financial Future

From ensuring that your creditors and you get a mutually fair deal to facilitating the best possible foundation for your financial independence, trustees at MNP Burns Lake Bankruptcy firm will strategize every step with your best interests in mind.

For example, while selling your assets, we ensure that you retain exempted assets according to Federal and provincial laws so that you have enough to make a decent living after bankruptcy.

Our experts offer practical and effective advice through financial counseling sessions. We discuss your debt situation, and factors that led to the situation. We then offer advice to rebuild your finances and prevent debt situations from becoming overwhelming in the future.

Become Debt-Free with a Well-Implemented Bankruptcy Process

A bankruptcy process is well-implemented when every step is planned to give fair benefits to you. Thorough legal knowledge, an outstanding capability for negotiations, and an unshakeable commitment to the purpose of reducing our clients’ debt burden, drive MNP Burns Lake Bankruptcy firm to give excellent results.

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