MNP Cowansville Bankruptcy

Quebec residents have been registering an increased demand for insolvency and bakruptcy-help service providers lately.


We decided to help them deal with their debts better by opening up our MNP Cowanswille Bankruptcy office in Cowansville, Quebec.


Of course, the area is populated by a number of Licensed Insolvency Trustees promising similar help.



MNP Limited Cowansville, QC Licensed Insolvency Trustee

170 rue Sherbrooke
Local 203,
Cowansville, QC J2K 5E7
Phone: 877-251-3489


However, MNP Cowansville Bankruptcy firm is a class apart. Why do we say so? Learn below.


We Offer a Rich Array of Financial Support Services


Besides the fact that MNP LITs are among the best bankruptcy trustees in all of Canada, you will also be impressed by the range of services we provide –


  • You can avail an initial financial consultation free of cost. The consultation is conducted by one of our debt experts. It is 100% confidential and obligation-free as well.
  • We offer financial counseling and credit counseling services. If you’ve been finding your credit score nosedive or have been struggling to strike a balance between your savings and your expenditures, you might want to consider these.
  • You are made aware of all debt relief solutions existent. Most individuals are only aware of bankruptcy as a method for debt relief. They do not know that other options such as consumer proposal, debt consolidation, debt counseling also exist. Often, these can help drive your debts away much sooner.
  • We help you with whichever debt relief method you choose, to systematically manage your debts.
  • We overtake any official paperwork necessary. Even creditor communication is handled by us, on your behalf.
  • You can also rely on us for emotional support and guidance. We undertand how stressful dealing with debt can be and offer any advise you would like from us.


So, Why Wait?


If you find that you’re satisfied with our initial debt consultation, we request you to engage us into service as soon as possible.


You don’t want to aggravate your debt load any further.


Call MNP Cowansville Bankruptcy today.


MNP Cowansville Bankruptcy
170 rue Sherbrooke, Local 203,
Cowansville QC J2K 5E7
Phone: 877-251-3489