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Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act (BIA) protects and helps firms or individuals facing financial distress in Canada.


Apart from this, The Companies Creditors Arrangement Act is another major federal legislation in place for people filing for bankruptcy in Canada.


BIA contains multiple sections that are applicable to the conduct of the court, trustee, creditors, and the debtor.



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These two legislations cover all types of bankruptcies, consumer and commercial proposals in the country.


The process to file bankruptcy is overseen by the legal authority in Edmonton, Canada once the case is officially filed through the trustee.


Filing for bankruptcy in Edmonton


In Edmonton, after filing for bankruptcy, an individual or firm will be required to follow the legal process mentioned below:


  • In a statement of affairs, the trustee will help a debtor in preparation for income, financial assets, expenditure and details of the debt.
  • Paperwork related to the debt will be carried out and the related documents will be required to submit in the Office of Superintendent of Bankruptcy.
  • Financial counselling sessions will be arranged for people filing for bankruptcy, while they will be required to reveal all the information of financial assets and liabilities, as well.
  • First-time bankruptcy will be discharged within nine months, whereas for second-time bankruptcy cases, about 21 months duration will be applicable.
  • For bankruptcy involving larger financial assets or complexities, federal laws will take precedence over provincial laws.

Filing for bankruptcy can greatly help in managing the repayment of debts; on the other hand, it can have some amount of impact on market reputation and credit rating.


For businesses, an effort to file for bankruptcy should be taken after careful consideration since the business reputation, workforce liabilities, liquidity, and personal finances are involved.


Bankruptcy should be the last alternative if someone is facing continuous financial hurdles due to excess debt and reduced income.

MNP Edmonton Bankruptcy
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