MNP Granby Bankruptcy

MNP Granby Bankruptcy, a part of the MNP group has offices across Canada, while the Granby office serves people looking for bankruptcy help in the Granby, Quebec area.


Our licensed trustees are authorized by the federal administration to administer the process of debt relief.


We give each case we handle the due diligence it deserves and we work professionally to write off the debts of our clients.



MNP Limited Granby, QC Licensed Insolvency Trustee

179 Robinson St. S.
Suite 3,
Granby, QC J2G 7L9
Phone: 450-235-0125


When it comes to debt relief, most people erroneously hold the opinion that bankruptcy is the only way out for them.


The truth is that there are a number of options and choices.


Filing for personal bankruptcy in our opinion should not be considered unless other options have been exhausted.


An average Canadian earns enough to address their debts issues but their current financial problem most likely was caused by spending overshooting their income.


There are other exceptional cases of death or divorce when the sources of income come to an abrupt end for the unfortunate families.


None of these issues are insurmountable.


There are legal recourses including filing bankruptcy among several others.


As we said, filing personal bankruptcy should not be your first option.


There are possibilities of drastically reducing your debt amount to be repaid.


There are choices to gain more time for repayment at a reduced rate of interest.


It is also possible to even come to a one-time settlement at the very minimum amount.


We are here to explore these and other possibilities and choose the one that serves your best interest.


At this stage, we do not know which solution would serve you the best.


There are several factors that must be taken into account for coming to a concrete decision.


Some of these factors include your current income, the quantum of your debt, the quantum of debt served, the history of debt, your current financial constraints among several others.

MNP Granby Bankruptcy
179 Robinson St. S.
Suite 3
Granby QC J2G 7L9
Phone: 450-235-0125
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