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The number of bankruptcies and proposals are growing across Canada.


The total number of insolvency and proposals in December 2019 was higher by 13% than the total number of bankruptcy and proposals a year ago.



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The leading causes for personal bankruptcy include reduced income or job loss, a separation or a divorce at the time of filing, and medical problems.


All these circumstances can make it more challenging to service or repay debts.


If you are filing for bankruptcy, your reasons for filing might be different.


No matter what your reasons are, we can help make the entire process seamless and secure for you.


Your health and bankruptcy


When you are deep in debt and are considering filing for bankruptcy, it’s natural for you to feel overwhelmed and anxious.


Fending off persistent calls from collectors is not easy.


Then there is also the stress related to the filing process and wondering about the repercussion.


There is also the social stigma associated with bankruptcy.


The good news is that you are not alone.


Several Canadians are in the same situation that you find yourself today.


The filing process can, indeed, be confusing.


However, every case is unique, and while the process is complicated for some, it is not so complicated for others.


MNP Limited New Minas Bankruptcy service


If you reside in New Minas, NS, please know that you are not alone during these hard times.


MNP Limited provides New Minas bankruptcy services to the residents of New Minas, NS.


Our courteous staff are at your assistance and will provide you with all the information you need to file for bankruptcy, what it entails, and how it can benefit your financial situation.


Canadians resort to bankruptcy as a final resort.


That does not mean that it’s the end of the world.


Talk to our staff today to find out more about how your life can improve after bankruptcy.

MNP Limited New Minas Bankruptcy
8947 Commercial Street
New Minas NS B4N 3E1
Phone: 902-901-5731