MNP Limited Sainte-Thérèse Bankruptcy

Losing sleep over your debt load? Residents of Saint Therese, Quebec area need not anymore.


The MNP Limited Sainte-Thérèse Bankruptcy firm will help debtors in Quebec relieve themselves from their pile of debts.



MNP Limited Sainte-Thérèse, QC Licensed Insolvency Trustee

218, boul. Cure-Labelle
Sainte-Thérèse, QC J7E 2X7
Phone: 450-390-0765


MNP Limited Sainte-Thérèse Bankruptcy is a Canadian licensed insolvency trustee firm.


In other words, we are a team of bankruptcy trustees and professionals with knowledge and experience in matters of financial insolvency.


We can help you discharge your debt legally via several methods.


You could choose to opt for financial counseling, a consumer proposal or to file for bankruptcy.


If you approach us to handle your debt and help you find your way out of it, MNP Limited Sainte-Thérèse Bankruptcy takes upon all communication with your creditors.


No more harassing phone-calls from creditors asking you to repay your debts. In fact, we ensure that no unsecured creditor ever calls you again or is able to file legal charges against you.


MNP Limited Sainte-Thérèse Bankruptcy is devoted to helping its customers get rid of their debt in the easiest manner possible.


You can visit our office for a cost-free consultation about your finances and your debts. In this consultation itself, our debt professionals will inform you about all the options that are open to you for debt relief.


You do not have to pay us for this consultation, neither does it come with any obligations attached which strong-arm you to seek for our services.


Only if you are satisfied, would we want you to come and work with us towards your debt-relief.


Our debt counselors are trained and have years of service in these matters.


They can provide you with the debt-relief service you need.


Don’t waste any more time, reach out for an appointment as soon as possible.


After all, the sooner you choose to act upon your debts, the sooner you are able to tackle them and make way for yourself into a brighter financial future.

MNP Limited Sainte-Thérèse Bankruptcy
218 boul. Cure-Labelle
Sainte-Thérèse QC J7E 2X7
Phone: 450-390-0765