MNP Medicine Hat Bankruptcy

Thousands of Canadians across the country have troubles every year with their finances.


Licensed Insolvency Trustees(LITs) exist to help people manage their finances and if they decide to file for bankruptcy, guide them through the entire process and help them get back on their feet.


LITs essentially help you understand the different options you have in dealing with your financial difficulties and which of these would be best suited for you.


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Moreover, since LITs are regulated by the federal government, we make sure that every citizen is able to tackle their financial issues with efficiency.


If you want to consult a LIT in Medicine Hat, Alberta, then look no further than your local MNP office.


At MNP, we understand that anyone can experience debt and financial difficulties.


As a result, we are here to offer our complete non-judgemental and unbiased aid.


We are pleased to help you deal with your debt options and with our expertise and understanding, we hope to provide you with personalised services.


We aim to help you create a better debt-free future for you and your families.


In Medicine Hat, our office is located at 666 – 4th Street SE.


We work through weekdays from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, and you can phone us.


If you feel as though you would like to contact us online and meet us for a consultation, you can do that as well (Through the following link:


As a company, we would prefer that you call us before you drop in so that we can provide you with our complete focus.


We do believe that those requiring help and advice through their financial difficulties can find ways to deal with their debt by utilising our experience and resources.


We are here to help you and guide you and we promise to do that, for everyone deserves another chance.


MNP Medicine Hat Bankruptcy
666 4th Street SE
Medicine Hat AB T1A 7G5
Phone: 1-888-208-2694