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MNP Rimouski Bankruptcy

An effective debt management solution can come as a huge relief to you if you are heavily burdened by unpaid debts.


Across Canada, the number of insolvencies rose by 9.9% in February 2020 when compared with figures exactly a year earlier.


Consumer insolvencies rose at a higher rate over the same period, by 10.1%.


Bankruptcy is not uncommon at all but if you are on the verge of it, it can be very traumatizing and terrifying for you and your family.



MNP Limited Rimouski, QC Licensed Insolvency Trustee

101 Rue Lavoie
Rimouski, QC G5L 5Y2
Phone: 581-200-5119


This is the time when you need guidance from someone who knows all about debt management and its various strategies.


At MNP Rimouski Bankruptcy firm, we have just the right experts to help you out.


Debt Solutions in Rimouski, QC


If you live in RIMOUSKI, QUEBEC and you are facing mounting debts that you cannot pay off, call us.


Our expert will talk to you, understand your financial position, evaluate your debts and recommend the right debt management strategy for you.


We will lay out all your options and ensure that you understand the nuances of each- how it will impact you, what effect it will have on your debts, are there any long term implications.


We can answer all the questions you have, clear all your doubts and guide you towards adopting the most effective strategy.


That’s not all, we also lead you step by step through the strategy until you are free of debt and ready to get your financial health back on track.


Everything you share with us, your personal data, your financial data, is completely confidential and will never be shared with any unrelated third parties.


We are here to get you through this and back on your feet again.


You can rely on us for completely objective advice and tips.


Call us now to book your appointment with our expert today.

MNP Rimouski Bankruptcy
101 Rue Lavoie
Rimouski QC G5L 5Y2
Phone: 581-200-5119
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