MNP Ville de Québec Bankruptcy

A growing trend of people falling into debt due to developing a habit of borrowing beyond their means has been observed increasingly in Canada.


The Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act can help one out if one is incapable to pay off his/her debts.


Quebec regularly reports an alarming number of debtors who file for bankruptcy as they find it to be the only way out of their financial distress.



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MNP Ville de Québec Bankruptcy, a Canadian bankruptcy firm understands that there are many like you, who might be seeking help in such a situation and offers it’s highly professional debt-relief services to anyone looking to find their way out of a debt load.


The bankruptcy procedure in Québec tends to differ a little and so, a licensed bankruptcy trustee has a lot of responsibilities towards its consumer.


Québec follows the Civil Law.


The Québec Civil Code and Civil Code of Procedure are followed in matters of Bankruptcy.


We, at MNP Ville de Québec Bankruptcy, try our best to explain and educate our consumers about the bankruptcy procedure and all it entails.


A detailed description of the whole process is given to you and you are informed how the same might come to affect you in the future.


An assessment of your finances is also carried out to determine if declaring bankruptcy is the only way out for you.


There are options other than bankruptcy which might help you out, for e.g., Debt Consolidation and Credit Counseling.


If you find yourself in a tricky financial situation and have been worrying your wits away thinking how you could use a reboot on your finances, approach MNP Ville de Québec Bankruptcy firm without any reluctance.


Enjoy a cost-free appointment with one of our Licensed Insolvency Trustees and we assure you that you will be find yourself much relieved after your consultation.


After all, we have been helping our clients ease their debt-related worries for over 50 years now.


It is only natural that we will help ease yours too!



MNP Ville de Québec Bankruptcy
2828 Boulevard Laurier
Ville de Québec QC G1V 0B9
Phone: 581-200-0248