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Handling a debt situation is not an easy task even when you have adequate savings to pay it all back but when you do not have the means to repay the dues, the situation takes a very distressing turn.


Calls from collection agents demanding payment and threatening action may become a regular occurrence.


You may be facing threats of property seizure or wage garnishment as well.


Your spouse may be getting calls too with threats of his/ her wage being taken over for repaying your dues.


Many of these may not even be admissible by law but unless you have an expert who is fully aware of the legal aspects here, you really have no means to know.


Faber Inc. Edmonton, AB 82 Street Licensed Insolvency Trustee

12766 – 82 Street
Edmonton, AB T5E 0A2
Phone: 1-888-298-6710


In such a situation, you want to adopt a solution that offers debt elimination as quickly as possible.


Bankruptcy is the solution that allows you to eliminate your debts and start all over again.


However, the laws pertaining to this debt elimination method are not the easiest to comprehend.


There are many aspects that may be confusing for a lay person.


For example:


·      What happens to your retirement savings if you declare bankruptcy?? Are they taken over??

·      What about your home or car?? Will you be able to retain those?

·      Does your spouse, who co-signed the loans with you, also get discharged from your dues when you do??

·      Should you pay income tax when you have filed for bankruptcy?? Will you get your income tax refund during his period?

·      What happens if you come into a lot of money unexpectedly during this period?


These and many other similar questions may occur to you when you decide to file for bankruptcy.


Knowing the answers helps you make the right decisions at the right time.


But it is important to have a qualified expert guiding you with respect to these matters so that you have accurate, updated information.


MNP Limited, Edmonton, AB Licensed Insolvency Trustee is just the trust worthy expert you need in your corner during this difficult time.


With our trustee giving you handy advice and tips on bankruptcy you can get through the paperwork and get your discharge in the shortest possible time.


You also have an expert standing by to tell you where you went wrong earlier so that you can correct it and avoid debt in the future.


Take the first step towards debt elimination right now; book your appointment with our Edmonton licensed insolvency trustee for a free consultation.