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Debts, and especially consumer insolvencies, are on the way up in Canada.

Debtors are struggling more today than in the last few years.

Unfortunately, this comes as much as a result of increasing costs as the current economic situation.

Someone who is facing debts will try to maintain their access to credit because it is part of their survival strategy.

Unfortunately, when they’ve maxed out their lines of credit, there is no other option than to declare insolvency.

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In Ontario, the number of insolvency filings is on the rise and much higher than in the rest of the country.

The insolvency growth rate for London residents is above 16%, while the average 2019 for Canada is around 10%.

However, people can explore many other debt management solutions before they decide to become insolvent.

Indeed, personal bankruptcy is typically the last option that debtors consider.

If you are worried you can’t pay your debts on time; you may want to review how London credit counselling services can help you manage your financial situation.

The sooner you regain control of your finances, the least likely you are to file personal bankruptcy.

Credit counselling in London can help you if:

Credit counselling in London, Ontario, is a debt management program that is suitable for all residents, whether you are Canadian or have been living in Canada for at least 12 months.

The credit counsellors are non-profit specialists who are dedicated to helping their customers rebuild financial stability.

Therefore, it is part of their role to support all types of customers dealing with all sorts of unsecured debts.

Figuring out that you’ve got a debt problem, however, is something that you will need to do by yourself.

More often than not, failure to assess the gravity of one’s situation leads debtors onto the path of insolvency.

Therefore, if you are keen to avoid bankruptcy, keep your eyes open to identify early signs of debt management problems:


  • You find it hard to make your payments on time;
  • You have maxed out your credit cards;
  • Lines of credit are maxed out;
  • You owe more than you can pay at any time;
  • Creditors in London or around have informed you they will pass your case to a collection company.

What to expect from London credit counselling services:

When you reach out to a credit counselling company in London, you already make the most significant step towards debt freedom.

You are seeking help to get your finances back on track.

Credit counsellors can help you repay the totality of your debts by consolidating everything under one manageable and affordable monthly payment.

For people who want to get a fresh start, credit counselling plans offer a custom debt management plan that enables individuals to repay 100% over a period of time.

A credit counsellor will negotiate low interest rates on your payment, which can often provide the financial breathing room you need to reduce your debt.

Credit counselling in London also plays a significant role in helping residents preserve their access to credit and improve their credit rating over time.

Customers can receive personalized tips and advice on how to manage their budget and reduce expenses.

This is designed to not only help repay creditors but also reduce the risk of developing future debts.

It is fair to say that at the time you get in touch with a credit counsellor in London, you are going through a lot of debt-related stress.

The counsellor’s role is to get in touch to negotiate a suitable debt management plan with your creditors.

As a direct consequence, creditors agree to stop collection calls as the agreement is made.

More than just a debt relief solution, credit counselling can also provide stress relief.

What do I need to get credit counselling in London?

Credit counselling companies are non-profit advising entities that are dedicated to getting their customers back on track.

Most credit counsellors offer a transparent and accountable approach.

The first consultation is free of charge.

A reputable credit counselling company will also provide up-front cost information so that customers who end up following debt management programs know exactly how much they will need to pay.

Additionally, when you reach out to a financial advisor, you need to be clear about the information you have to share.

Therefore, it’s a good idea to gather all details regarding your income, earnings, creditors, and debts.

Does credit counselling cancel my debts?

Credit counselling enables London residents to repay 100% of the money they owe, minus high interest rates.

Debtors who choose credit counselling as a debt management program agree to pay the whole amount they owe their creditors.

What a credit counsellor will negotiate is a payment plan that provides some financial room for stability.

Unfortunately, your debts continue to appear in your credit report until after they are repaid.

Additionally, this debt management program will also appear in the report for up to 6 years after the date of filing.

But, people who work with a credit counsellor can use budgeting and financial management tips to build healthy money behaviour.

As a result, you can gradually rebuild your credit rating as you reduce your debt.

Alternatives debt relief plans to credit counselling in London

London credit counselling services are not suitable if you can’t afford to repay your debt.

The arrangements made with the counsellors only reduce your interest rates.

However, if you still owe more than you can repay, you need to consider debt settlement programs that can reduce the amount you pay.

Only licensed insolvency trustees are authorized to provide legally binding debt settlement solutions that most creditors, including government, will accept.


  • The consumer proposal can reduce your debt by up to 80%. Filing a consumer proposal automatically stops all actions from your creditors, including legal pursuits and wage garnishments. At the end of the consumer proposal, your debts are forgiven;
  • Personal bankruptcy can provide debt forgiveness in as little as 9 months. It will also prevent any further creditors’ actions. Additionally, the cost of a bankruptcy is set by federal law, $1,800, making it more manageable for debtors who can’t face high expenses.


Credit counselling can help you repay your debt.

But if you’re not sure whether credit counselling is right for you, get in touch with your local London trustee to review your options.

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