Personal Insolvency Guide

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Personal Insolvency Guide

The Personal Insolvency Guide was first published in 2005 by Self Counsel Press and has been sold in stores across Canada for $12.95.

The Personal Insolvency Guide has been updated for the new bankruptcy laws and other matters as of May, 2011.

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This book is a “MUST HAVE” for anyone considering bankruptcy or a proposal or considering using a credit counsellor.

The Personal Insolvency Guide has been updated to reflect the new bankruptcy laws and other matters as of May, 2011.

The book is written in clear non-technical English and is the most comprehensive book available on helping individuals deal with a financial crisis. The Personal Insolvency Guide gives the straight facts, in plain English, on all aspects of the insolvency industry so that individuals can make the best decision on how to get a fresh financial start.

When you get the book you will have available many tips and information that is not available anywhere else, such as:

  1. Tips that only trustees know and do not volunteer;
  2. Why Canada needs to have people with debt problems file for bankruptcy;
  3. Twelve ways to get out of debt;
  4. How to assess your personal financial situation;
  5. How credit counsellors operate and the difference between independent and “non-profit” credit counsellors. How to decide If you should use a credit counsellor or a trustee in bankruptcy to solve your debt problem;
  6. Information about credit counsellors they try to keep hidden;
  7. How to protect yourself before filing bankruptcy or a personal proposal;
  8. How to choose a trustee in bankruptcy;
  9. About the two types of personal proposals you can file with a trustee in bankruptcy and which one is better;
  10. Strategies involved in setting the amount to offer in the Proposal and how to negotiate if he creditors want more money in order to accept the Proposal;
  11. How to conduct yourself so you pass through the system without any hassle or guilt;
  12. In depth explanations of the bankruptcy and proposal systems so you will have no surprises if you choose one of these methods to get a fresh financial start;
  13. How to rebuild your credit rating in as little as two years, after completing a bankruptcy or a proposal;
  14. ……. and much more.

About the Author:

Earl Sands, Author of the Personal Insolvency Guide

Earl Sands, MBA, CGA, CPA, CIRP, LIT is a Licensed Insolvency Trustee. He founded his bankruptcy firm in 1990. When he sold his practice in late 2001, his firm had six offices and was handling the largest number of personal bankruptcies and proposals in British Columbia.

The Personal Insolvency Guide is the “must have” book for anyone with a debt problem, and especially anyone thinking of using the services of a credit counsellor or a Licensed Insolvency Trustee.