Nova Scotia Debt Consolidation 

Debt Consolidation in Nova Scotia, NS

What are your options for debt consolidation in Nova Scotia?

Nova Scotia residents who seek our services for debt relief face a familiar situation:

  • They find it hard to keep up with payments;
  • They are falling or have fallen behind on payments;
  • Debts have become overwhelming for them;
  • They want to rebuild their worth.

However, applying for a debt consolidation loan may not be the best option when your debts affect your credit rating.

If you can’t ask for a consolidation loan in Nova Scotia or have been turned down, we can provide impartial and dedicated financial advice to find the right debt consolidation solution.

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The challenge with a loan for debt consolidation in Nova Scotia

Applying for a debt consolidation loan in Nova Scotia requires specific criteria.

Applicants need to have good credit ratings and sufficient assets to secure the loan.

Unfortunately, debts can affect your credit score dramatically.

Our clients who fall behind on their payments need to consider alternative Nova Scotia debt consolidation solutions.

But our professional debt consolidation advisors can help you find the right solution to get out of debt.

We offer tailored debt consolidation plans that meet your needs and are designed to help you rebuild financial stability.

More often than not, a bank loan for debt consolidation can come at a high cost when it comes to interest rates.

For clients who have already maxed out their credit cards, a high rate loan may not be a way out of debt.

Nova Scotia debt consolidation assistance for your needs

An experienced licensed insolvency trustee can help you manage your debts by designing a tailored debt consolidation plan.

Unlike a consolidation loan, our solution for debt consolidation in Nova Scotia focuses on building your financial balance.

As such, a trustee enables you to:


  • Get back on track with the best debt consolidation option;
  • Repay debt with one affordable monthly payment;
  • Reduce interest charges to solidify your finances;
  • Manage your outstanding bills and living expenses effectively;
  • Set a debt amount that you can afford to repay.


What debt consolidation advice and services can you receive?

Residents who struggle with money issues in Nova Scotia can arrange for a consultation with a trustee to discuss the appropriate debt settlement program.

A trustee can provide advice and guidance on debt settlement options and credit counselling services.

Additionally, trustees can also administer a unique debt consolidation solution: the consumer proposal, which enables a debtor to become debt-free within 5 years or 60 months.

The consumer proposal, once approved by your creditors, will immediately stop all creditors’ actions.

In principle, the proposal consolidates all debts under one manageable monthly payment negotiated with the creditors.

Our Licensed Insolvency Trustees in Nova Scotia

With over 430 trustee offices all around the country, we, at Bankruptcy Canada, have more than one government-licensed debt advisors in Nova Scotia.

We have no less than 21 trustee offices in Antigonish, Bedford, Digby, Liverpool, Middleton, Sydney, Truro, Yarmouth, etc. in Nova Scotia.

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Debt Consolidation in Nova Scotia


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