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Credit Counselling in Ottawa, ON

When you’re struggling with debt, credit counselling is one of the ways you can help turn your situation around and change your approach to money.

Whether you’ve got issues that cause you to keep increasing your debt or you’re struggling to make repayments, credit counselling can be an effective solution.

Debt concerns can affect your mental health and cause you stress, stopping you from sleeping at night.

Our Ottawa credit counselling services are here to help those who need help tackling their debt.

If this sounds like you or someone you know, read on to find out more about the benefits of credit counselling and how you can get started.

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Finding your way out of debt

Debt problems affect many people.

It can lead to stress or anxiety, and can feel like a never-ending spiral.

Facing up to your debts and the fact that you have a problem is an important first step in improving your situation.

While you can find a lot of information online about dealing with debt, and even companies who offer to take care of it for you, it’s important to consult with someone you can trust.

A licensed Canadian debt counsellor can provide you with the information you need, with no motive other than to help.

Many of the solutions for dealing with debt are simple, but until you become aware of them, you can feel lost or even trapped.

By sitting down with someone who can discuss your personal circumstances and make appropriate recommendations, you can soon find your way out of debt.

Get information and advice about dealing with debt

A credit counsellor’s role is to provide impartial, expert advice on dealing with debt, how to manage it and how to approach credit and debt going forward.

By speaking to a licensed credit counsellor in Ottawa, you could get the information, and perhaps the push you need, to turn your situation around and build a better financial future for yourself.

Choosing recognized debt counselling services can ensure you receive information and guidance from a trusted source.

At Bankruptcy Canada, we have experience dealing with all kinds of debt problems, providing counselling to people of all ages and backgrounds, and helping them get out of debt.

Speaking to someone about your debt problems can help lift a weight off of your shoulders, and start some positive action towards becoming debt-free for good.

Debt consolidation, consumer proposals and bankruptcy

Debts can be confusing, and that’s why we’re here to help.

We have a team of experienced debt counsellors who are able to advise on all kinds of debt issues and help guide you towards the solutions that are available.

Some of the key approaches to dealing with debt include debt consolidation, consumer proposals and bankruptcy.

Debt consolidation can be an effective way of dealing with your debts.

It reduces them into one monthly repayment, and could help you reduce the amount of interest you’re paying – helping to clear your debts quicker.

A credit counsellor can advise if this is an appropriate solution for you and guide you through the steps to make it happen.

Meanwhile, consumer proposals are a way to deal with debt if things are getting out of control and you’re struggling to make your monthly repayments.

Your credit counsellor can advise on whether or not a consumer proposal is the right approach for your situation.

If you decide to go ahead, we can then take care of the consumer proposal on your behalf and help you turn things around.

Bankruptcy is a solution which many people turn to in order to get a clean slate and write off debts they simply cannot repay.

Your credit counsellor will advise whether or not bankruptcy is necessary, and can then take this forward on your behalf.

With multiple solutions for dealing with debt, speaking to a licensed credit counsellor can help you work out which route is right for your circumstances, and help make it happen.

Changing your habits

Being able to face up to your debts is an important part of turning things around.

As part of your credit counselling session, you will receive guidance on how to be responsible with money and debts, and how to make sensible decisions going forward.

Debt doesn’t have to be bad, you just need to learn how to manage it and how to stop it getting out of control.

Licensed debt counsellors are not here to judge or reprimand you for your actions.

With the right advice and guidance, you can learn the positive ways of managing your money to make sure debt no longer keeps you awake at night.

Our approach

At Bankruptcy Canada, we provide non-profit credit counselling.

We help people tackle their debts with advice and information, and we can set in motion actions such as debt management plans to help you put an end to your debts.

Where possible, we will make recommendations based on practical things you can do to deal with debt.

Actions like filing for a consumer proposal or bankruptcy will only be recommended if applicable to your circumstances.

Our team of experts is here to listen to your problems and make recommendations.

It’s never too late to get serious about your finances and you’ll feel safe and listened to when talking to one of our team.

For expert Ottawa credit counselling services, Bankruptcy Canada can provide you with what you need.

Find Ottawa credit counselling services

If you think you could benefit from Ottawa credit counselling services, let us help.

We have a team of licensed credit counsellors ready to help you with your debt issues, and help you take steps to change your situation.

Get in touch with our team today on (877) 879-4770.

Our lines are open 24/7, and all calls are confidential and come with no obligation to proceed with any debt action.

If debts are taking over your life, do something about it.

Call our Ottawa credit counselling services today and take your future into your hands.

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