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Our Penticton bankruptcy trustees wrote this page to give people, considering filing for bankruptcy, a chance to know their options before making their decision.

At MNP Penticton we know that making the decision to see a trustee about going bankrupt can be an emotional and challenging decision.

We are here to ensure that you will feel comfortable when speaking with our trustee in a confidential consultation. We understand that being trapped in a hopeless debt situation can cause stress, sleepless nights and challenges in your relationships.

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Penticton bankruptcy – Your protection when filing:

Penticton, BCThere are a number of immediate benefits as soon as a bankruptcy or a consumer proposal is filed:

  1. A Stay of Proceeding goes into effect, which prevents unsecured creditors for taking any action to collect on their debt;
  2. Collection Calls stop;
  3. Interest on the debt stops accruing;
  4. Garnishee Orders in place or contemplated are stopped.

We strive to provide expert advice in a compassionate and supportive manner.

Our Penticton Bankruptcy office is available to help you today.

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While in bankruptcy or a consumer proposal you will receive two debt management counselling services to give you the tools and knowledge to manage your finances in the future in a successful way;

You will not lose everything because your belongings such as your car, furniture and even your home and other assets, such as your RRSPs are protected under the bankruptcy exemptions and will not be seized by your trustee;

Debt relief and legal protection is immediate;

Ends the stress and sleepless nights to give you a chance to rebuild your financial life!

We offer legal debt management services which allows thousands of unfortunate Canadians trapped in debt to get relief from their debt burden so they can begin rebuilding their financial future.

You can schedule a confidential consultation at our Penticton office.

You can also have your consultation over the phone.

We will explain the cost of filing bankruptcy, or how the payments in a consumer proposal are calculated, answer all of your questions, and explain how the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act can impact your money problems.

Tax Debt

When you receive your discharge from bankruptcy (in 9 months in almost all bankruptcy cases), your debt owed to the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) is eliminated.

Many people going bankrupt have serious CRA debt and therefore this is a major relief for many bankrupts.

If your financial situation has become too difficult for you to maintain on your own, you might need the help of a debt professional.

Fortunately, there is help available!

If you are struggling with income tax debt, credit card bills, and other unpaid bills our friendly licensed insolvency trustees can help you become debt free.

We can assist with a wide range of debt relief programs including help securing a debt consolidation loan, making a consumer proposal that allows you to make 1 simple monthly payment with a low interest rate, or by filing bankruptcy which allows you to cut all of your unsecured debt.

To schedule your own personalized debt consultation today don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team today!

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