Bankruptcy Canada Financial Facts Quiz:  This is a quick quiz on some of the common misconceptions that people have about credit scores and bankruptcy.

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There are 10 questions.   

After you answer each question you will be presented your score and an explanation of the correct answer.

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1. Does frequently checking my own credit score make it worse?


2. If I make earn more money will it mean i’ll get a higher credit score?


3. Can personal income taxes be a erased in a personal bankruptcy?


4. If I only pay cash will it help my credit score?


5. Will disputing accurate information on my credit report remove it?


6. Will becoming debt free give me a perfect credit score?


7. Will paying more than the monthly minimum on credit cards increase my credit score?


8. Can debt consultants other than Licensed Insolvency Trustees file bankruptcy and consumer proposals for people?


9. True or False? All debt consultants; not just Licensed Insolvency Trustees can stop wage garnishments?


10. If I file bankruptcy will I lose everything?


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