Red Deer Credit Counselling

Credit Counselling in Red Deer, Alta.

When you’re dealing with debt, credit counselling can be a good way to access help managing your finances.

With the potential to provide you with guidance and advice regarding debt management, the right credit counsellor could help you to restructure your finances, create a workable budget and even reduce your liabilities.

However, it’s important to remember that credit counselling isn’t regulated.

Furthermore, both non-profit and for-profit organizations can offer credit counselling services.

This means that you may need to pay a fee in order to speak to a credit counsellor or to obtain their help.

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In addition to this, credit counsellors aren’t always able to provide information regarding every debt solution that’s available to you.

When you arrange Red Deer credit counselling, for example, you may only be able to access a limited amount of information about bankruptcy and consumer proposals.

This is because both consumer proposals and bankruptcies are managed by licensed insolvency trustees (LITs).

As a result, unregulated debt guidance counsellors are unable to provide advice regarding either of these options.

If you do decide to obtain credit counselling, it’s important to find the right organization to help you.

Although the credit counselling industry isn’t regulated, there are organizations that seek to uphold certain standards.

You may want to ensure that the credit counselling service you choose to use is a member of one of the following, for example:


  • Canadian Association of Credit Counselling Services;
  • Canadian Association of Independent Credit Counselling Agencies;
  • Credit Counselling Canada.


While there’s no guarantee that a member of any of these organizations will be able to provide the advice and assistance you need, selecting an agency that’s a member of an established and reputable association can help to ensure you’re dealing with a credible credit counsellor.

Getting Help with Your Debts

When you’re experiencing money problems, it can be hard to acknowledge the situation and seek help.

Rather than looking for credit counselling in Red Deer, many people try to manage the situation alone and refuse to talk to anyone about it.

Unfortunately, this can lead to further financial difficulties and it can also have a harmful effect on your emotional wellbeing.

Although it can be difficult to admit that you’re struggling to cope with debt, you certainly aren’t alone.

In fact, a significant number of Canadians experience issues with debt every year.

By finding the right practical support, you can reduce your liabilities, alleviate the stress associated with money worries and begin to plan a bright financial future.

At Bankruptcy Canada, we’ve helped more than 200,000 Canadians address their debt problems and we could help you too.

Since 1999, our dedicated team have been on hand to provide the advice and support needed when people are ready to overcome debt issues.

What’s more, we’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you can talk to someone in confidence whenever you need to.

Speak to a Licensed Insolvency Trustee

Licensed insolvency trustees are regulated professionals, so you can rely on them to adhere to particular standards.

In addition to this, LITs are the only people who can manage either a bankruptcy or consumer proposal, so they’re well-placed to give you the information you need when you’re looking for viable debt solutions.

Even if you don’t think making a consumer proposal or filing for bankruptcy is the right choice for you, having all the facts available will ensure that you are aware of the options available in terms of eliminating or reducing your debt.

Should You File for Bankruptcy?

Most people assume that bankruptcy is a drastic solution and should be avoided wherever possible.

Indeed, if you attend Red Deer credit counselling, you may be actively looking for ways to avoid filing for bankruptcy.

While filing for bankruptcy is a legal process that requires serious consideration, it could be the best option for managing your debts.

With the potential to eliminate all of your debts, bankruptcy offers a fresh financial start and the freedom to move forward without the burden of debt weighing heavily upon you.

Many people try to avoid being declared bankrupt because they assume it will have long-lasting consequences and prevent them from ever getting a mortgage or taking out a loan or credit card.

Although bankruptcy does stay on your credit file for a minimum of seven years, this doesn’t mean it has a permanent effect on your finances.

In fact, most people are able to obtain credit long before a bankruptcy is removed from their credit file.

Generally, you can start applying for credit once your bankruptcy has been discharged, so there’s no need to wait seven years before you start improving your credit rating.

Similarly, making a consumer proposal could be the best way for you to reduce your debts and retain your assets.

Without talking to a licensed insolvency trustee, however, you won’t be able to access the information and advice you need.

In addition to searching for credit counselling in Red Deer, why not talk to a regulated LIT about your financial situation?

By doing so, you can get personalized advice regarding how to manage your debts.

Once you have all the information you need, you’ll be able to make an informed and carefully considered decision regarding your financial future.

Speak to Bankruptcy Canada Now

If you’re eager to resolve your debt problems and move forward, it’s important to talk to someone about your circumstances.

If you’ve been searching for Red Deer credit counselling because you’re ready to engage in debt management solutions, why not contact us at Bankruptcy Canada now?

With licensed insolvency trustees on hand to discuss your situation in more detail, we can provide all the information you need and help you to find a way through your money troubles.

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